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    Tuesday, July 10, 2018

    How To Create App Shortcut on Android Phone With Volume Keys Using QuickClick

    How To Create App Shortcut on Android Phone With Volume Keys Using QuickClick

    Aside the volume keys on your Android smartphone being used to regulate volume, it can also perform other functions. The volume keys can be used to create shortcut for apps such as calculator,Game,Gallery and many more with the use of Quickclick. To do this, you need to install the app which can be downloaded from the Play Store. In this post, we will share how to create app shortcuts using your android smartphone volume keys.

    What is Quickclick?

    Quickclick is one of the Application Created by Blor, these Application is Mainly used to perform any action on any smartphone with the use of your Mobile volume button.

    Why Quickclick?

    Quickclick was introduced to make Android Device more faster to opperate than its before.Remember, Some Applications Slow down your Devices because you are suffering from low Read Access Memory(Ram) but while you Installed Quickclick Application on your device, You can easily navigate through Anything on your Android Smartphone using Quickclick.

    Introduce to You!

    Benefit of Quickclick

    1. You can Easily Navigate to Video or Gallery Folder
    2. You can Turn on Your Touchlight Easily
    3. It Makes Record of Audio more Easy
    4. You ca Easily Make Calls
    5. Compose of Messages will be more Easier
    6. You can Launch a Tasker task
    7. You can Easily Start any of your Application!

    How To Create App Shortcut Using Android Phone Volume Keys

    • To being with, download and install the QuickClick app from Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and then continue by clicking on ‘Create a New Action.’
    • After doing this, you will see all installed apps from your phone.
    • Simply click on that app, for which you want to create a shortcut
    • Select that app, and a window will pop up.
    • Here you have to select the number of times you have to press that same to open the app. I recommend selecting only 3 seconds.
    • Then, Click on ‘Ready.’
    • Then select the right key for opening the required app. That is, you either select ‘Volume up or Volume down’ key to open the app.
    • You can select from any of your favorite here.
    • Click on ‘Ready.’
    • Then click on ‘Finish.’ And you are done.

      The steps can be used to create shortcuts of any app as well as multiple apps. To do this, simply repeat all the process above and you can create multiple app shortcuts using your Android smartphone volume keys.
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    Saturday, July 07, 2018

    AnonyTun and APN Settings for Glo 0.0kb July 2018 Free Browsing Cheat

    AnonyTun and APN Settings for Glo 0.0kb July 2018 Free Browsing Cheat

    Glo internet connection signal now turns on even without active data which has made Glo 0.0kb free browsing cheat to be back and unlimited. In this post, we shall be discussing AnonyTun and APN Settings for Glo 0.0kb July 2018 Free Browsing Cheat.

    AnonyTun and APN Settings for Glo 0.0kb July 2018 Free Browsing Cheat


    1. Glo SIM with with #0.00 balance
    2. Stable Glo network
    3. AnonyTun Beta VPN App

    APN Settings

    Configure your mobile phone APN settings as follows:
    • Name:Azeeztech Glo00
    • APN: 176.90.6868.67:4430@_Ultra
    • APN Type: Default, Supl
    • Proxy: Blank
    • Port: Blank
    • Username: (leave blank)
    • Password: (leave blank)

    AnonyTun BETA VPN Settings for GLO 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat 2018

    • Download and install AnonyTun Beta Apk here, then launch the app.
    • Click on CONFIGURACIÓN (stealth settings), then turn on Stealth Tunnel
    • Change Protocolo to HTTP and change Puerto to 80
    • Tick PAYLOAD and then tap Editar Payload (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)
    Follow the next screen and use the below settings.
    • URL/Host:
    • Request method: POST
    • Injection method: Normal
    • Tick User-Agent and leave other boxes un-ticked
    • Then click on Generate, then Save

      Now turn on your data connection. Navigate back to AnonyTun VPN app homepage and tap the CONNECTAR button. You can now start browsing and downloading till mama calls.
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    Friday, July 06, 2018

    How to Enable On-screen Navigation Software Keys on Android Device Without Root The Device

    How to Enable On-screen Navigation Software Keys on Android Device Without Root The Device

    On-screen Navigation keys (also known software keys) are a waste of screen real estate, they are trendy and have few advantages over capacitive keys (also called hardware keys). For instance, it will not stop working, as well as the functions of software keys can be reassigned as per our requirements.

    On-screen Navigation keys is a built-in feature of Android, but some manufacturers have disabled this feature on their phone as it does take up some screen real estate, but in reality, it doesn’t. If your android phone does not have soft keys, but really like the functionality and want to enable them on your phone, then read on to know how to get it.

    Thanks to so many applications available on Google Play Store for Android devices that now allows you to perform some difficult tasks with much ease. You don't even need to root your Android phone in order to add Onscreen Navigation keys on your device.

    All you need is to download Virtual SoftKeys and install the app on your Android phone.

    After that, give it the necessary permissions by going to your settings, selecting accessibility and enabling Virtual softkeys.

    Simple as that. The buttons come in handy, especially when your phone physical buttons are faulty. With the On-screen buttons, you can operate your phone flawlessly without worrying about the hardware issues. Also, it makes your phone stand out and unique. Imagine adding these buttons to your Samsung Galaxy devices or Infinix Hot Note Android phone, it will make your phone appear differently. It will just look like some of the new Google Nexus smartphones.

    Now you can tweak the look and feel of your on-screen buttons and also set it to stay permanently or disappear after a duration. If this is set to duration-based, you would have to swipe up from the bottom edge of your display to bring up the buttons.
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    Thursday, July 05, 2018

    Facebook Confirms Its Acquisition Of Bloomsbury AI

    Facebook Confirms Its Acquisition Of Bloomsbury AI

    The team at Bloomsbury AI will be joining Facebook as the its officially announced the acquisition of the company. According to Facebook, the merger will help Facebook to further understanding natural language and its applications. It says The Bloomsbury AI team will help in growing Facebook’s AI efforts in London.

    Although the acquisition figure was not disclosed, but it is believed that Facebook paid around $23 to $30 million. Bloomsbury AI was backed by Fly.VC, Seedcamp, IQ Capital, UCL Technology Fund and the U.K. taxpayer-funded London Co-investment Fund.

    In its post Facebook says its expertise will help Facebook’s efforts in natural language processing research. It is also possible that the said applications could include detecting misinformation and any sorts of problematic content.
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    Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    How To Compress Video File Size To Save Space On Your Device

    How To Compress Video File Size To Save Space On Your Device

    One of the best ways to share event with friends and family could be via video sent to them on Facebook, WhatsApp and other medial platform. With the quality of your smartphone, having wonderful camera. A short video could occupy a space of 20MB and above, for me, the size is very big. The best solution to this should be to compress video file so as to reduce its size and as well keep its good quality.

    But achieve this goal, video compressor are highly needed. You might be wonder what I mean by video compressor. In a simple term, this is a program or software you used to reduce the size of any video on your device without losing its quality.

    Another point is that, sending large video files to friends and family via the internet will consumed much more data than sending video of the same quality but smaller size. That is another good reason you need to compress video file sending it at all.

    On the other hand, some social media will not allow you to send video bigger than 12MB to your friends. Now that you have recorded you video, and the outcome is above 12MB, once again the best option is to compress video file in other to reduce its size and keep its quality.

    How To Compress Video File Using Video Compressor

    This method will be guiding you through the process of compressing video file and keep its quality using video compressor called video converter. Like always, there are many apps available on Google Play Store that claimed to do the task at hand.

    But most of them lacked compression settings or didn’t work well. After trying out a few of them, I settled on one video editor. I managed to convert and compress video using Video Converter app. Here are the steps require:

    1. Power ON your phone
    2. Then download Video converter from Google play store and install on your device.
    3. Tap to launch the app on your device
    4. Then import the video file you would like to compress.
    5. After you select the video file, tap the Convert option at the bottom of the screen.

    Select Manual profile to convert the file and reduce video resolution, bitrate, and frame rate of the video. The recommended settings while reducing video size is 176×144, 800, and 23.98, respectively. Leave every other settings as it is and convert the file without causing harm to video quality.

    How To Compress Video File Using Camera Setting

    1. Wake your Android device and unlock the screen.
    2. Tap the Application Menu button at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the Camera icon
    3. Move the camera function slider at the bottom of the window to the Video Camera option.
    4. Tap the Resolution icon at the lower left corner of the viewing window. Then tap the option that corresponds with how you wish to share the video.

      Android devices can’t compress video files that have already been recorded. If you want to share a video that is already on your device but is too big to share, you must connect your Android device to a computer with the USB cable, copy the video from the device and use Windows Live Movie Maker to shrink the video file size or use the video compressor detailed above on your device.
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    Tuesday, June 19, 2018

    Android Messages for Web: How to get it and all you need to know

    Android Messages for Web: How to get it and all you need to know

    For as long as the rivalry between Android OS and iOS has existed, users have debated on what truly makes their choice the ideal one. While those who advocated for Android have pushed forward on the basis of freedom of customization, iOS users have boasted the unparalleled software support that is seamless across all iDevices. But one feature that has evaded Android users for years, while iOS users have enjoyed has been iMessage, and that’s text messaging on a PC.

    The iMessage service from Apple is admittedly one of a kind ever since it was created, as it is seamless across all iDevices. Not only is sending an iMessage completely free for all iOS users, but you can send and receive messages even on your MacBook or iMac, as long as your iPhone is connected to the same Apple account.

    While the introduction of services like WhatsApp Web has helped ease the pain of Android users, it hasn’t been until now that web connectivity for SMS has finally been offered by Google itself.

    Enter the Android Messages for Web by Google.

    Android Messages is improving texting through RCS

    At first, it may seem like Google has simply created an iMessage derivative a bit too late, but as you look deeper into how the Android Messages service, you realize that there’s more to it.

    The basis on which Android Messages is built is not just texting through SMS and MMS with cross-platform compatibility, but the addition of RCS (Rich Communication Service) as well. RCS is essentially a souped-up version of the SMS, which Google is hoping to standardize across all major network carriers across the world. And it has made solid progress towards this goal.

    With the incorporation of RCS into Android Messages, Google will be able to offer a user experience that is much more similar to iMessage but on a global scale. The inclusion of RCS system into Android Messages means that soon you’ll be able to read receipts for the text messages you send, send group texts seamlessly, know when the other user is typing, share your location in real-time, and even send and receive images and videos in full resolution. The only downside to RCS is that there is no end-to-end encryption available, but the fact that RCS system uses mobile data instead of per SMS charging system should make it more adaptable.

    Coolest Android Messages for Web features

    Considering that texting on mobile devices is more than two decades old now, you’d expect the newness’ of the practice to wear out. However, Google has built Android Messages with enough features to give services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger a run for their money, and some of them are quite handy.
    • Sending and receiving a text on any device: Following in the footsteps of iMessage and WhatsApp, Google is finally making it easier for you to text, regardless of what device you’re on. The Messages for Web service that will shortly be rolling out worldwide allows you to connect Android Messages app to the web client and enjoy a mobile messaging experience when you’re on the big screen.
    • Smart Reply for quicker texting: If you’re a regular user of the Gmail service, you’ve probably come across (and appreciated) the Smart Reply service. This nifty feature allows you to send out quick replies to text by automatically analyzing the context of the message and generating a suitable response, which is currently available only in English.

    • Modern-day texting: In this day and age, we do more than just send out written messages and the occasional Emojis. This is why Android Messages is powered with a built-in GIF library for you to choose the snarkiest responses from, along with a bunch of original Stickers, location-sharing, media sharing, and even voice notes as well.
    Apart from these, there are little bits and pieces of features scattered across Android Messages that make it the ideal messaging app. From giving you to the ability to copy just the OTP (one-time password) from a text preview and performing transactions with Google Pay to previewing links that are shared and received, Google promises that there even more to come.

    How does Android Messages for web work?

    Google has already made the web interface for Android Messages live through the official website, with an interface quite similar to that of WhatsApp Web.

     Once the updated version of Android Messages is up and available for the mainstream users, you’ll be able to open the Android Messages app, scan the QR code and connect to the web interface right away.

     How it works is basically through the process of syncing. You link (authorize) a PC with the Messages app on your Android phone, and then the PC web client syncs everything on the phone to the PC, while also allowing you to interact through the PC itself.

    How to get Android Messages for Web [Download]

    1. Download Android Messages from the Google Play Store (version 3.043 and above).
    2. Open the app and tap on the three-dot menu button on the top-right corner of the screen and select Messages for web.
    3. On the pop-up that appears, select Try It and choose Messages for web.
    4. Now go ahead and tap on Scan QR code.
    5. On the desktop browser, open the Android Messages web interface webpage.
    6. Toggle Remember this computer‘ if this your personal device for daily use.
    7. Use the Android device to scan the on-screen QR code.
    8. The app will now notify you that you are Connected to Messages for web‘ and you’ll be able to use the service from your computer now.
    The user interface of Android Messages for web is quite straightforward, with all of your conversations listed on the left side of the window, along with the button for New conversations’. Once you tap on each of the conversations, you can set individual alerts for them using the bell’ icon, and share interactive messaging elements such as Emojis and Stickers, along with the ability to share media as well.

    Android messages for web: Things to know

    1. Android Messages for web is compatible with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and most of the others.
    2. You can use Android Messages when your Android device is connected to either Wi-Fi or even Mobile Data.
    3. Enabling notifications on PC browser helps you get alerts for incoming messages directly on your computer.
    4. Special keyboard shortcuts are available to handle the basic usability functions.

    Android Messages for web hacks

    Right now, there’s not much. But there is one solid hack — for root users — that lets you get the Android Messages for web now. You know, as of today, June 19, Google has just begun rolling out the service, so it’s not available for everyone yet.

     But if you want it deadly, and have or can get root access, then you can also use this hack to force get the Android Messages for web service on your PC right away.

     → Force get Android Messages for web.

      Do you think Android has finally found an answer to defeat the closed grip that iMessage has had for years? Do share your thoughts on whether Android Messages beats Apple for good or not.

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    Wednesday, June 13, 2018

    How To Reset Apple ID Password

    How To Reset Apple ID Password

    With the information from ZDNet that the teen phone monitoring app Teen Safe has exposed user info including Apple ID’s and passwords in plain text, I figured it was a good time to post the information on How To Reset Your Apple ID Password.

    There are 2 ways to reset your Apple ID password, via the Apple ID site or directly on the iOS device using the Apple ID.  Today’s post will go over both ways to change your Apple ID password.

    Change Via Website

    • On the page that opens, about mid-page you will see the choice to change password in the security section.

    • When you click change password, you will get the prompt to enter your current password and new password. You will also see a check box, if selected will sign you out of your Apple ID everywhere it’s used, so that you can enter your new password.

    • Once you enter what you want the password to be, click Change Password and you are done.

    Change Via Device

    If you have one of the devices that has your Apple ID, you can change the password directly from the device, using the following steps.
    • First go to settings on the device, and towards the top you will see your Apple ID listed, click there.

    • On the next screen you will see the choice for Password & Security, click there.

    • Lastly, on the Password & Security screen you can click on change password.  NOTE: This is also the screen where you can turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

    • Apple ID Page Screenshot – Apple
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    Monday, June 11, 2018

    Glo Yakata Prepaid Plan Launched In Nigeria With Amazing Benefits

    Glo Yakata Prepaid Plan Launched In Nigeria With Amazing Benefits

    As the brand that continually develops innovative products that deliver best value for money, Globacom has announced the launch of GLO YAKATA in Nigeria.

    What is Glo Yakata?

    Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan which rewards new and existing Glo customers with amazing benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. These benefits include free data, unlimited Glo to Glo calls and free minutes to call to other networks.

    What Benefits Do I Enjoy On Glo Yakata?

    You will enjoy:
    • Up to 6GB FREE data Every Month for 6 months!
    • A whooping 22 times value (2,200%) on every N100 recharge to call ALL NETWORKS

    How Do I Get These Benefits?

    Depending on amount recharged, customer will receive amazing value as seen in the table below:

    • You will receive a special data bonus on your first recharge of the month for six months.
    • Value in main account as well as value in bonus account can be used to call All networks.
    • Bonus is valid for 7 days from recharge date. You cannot accumulate validaty days but you can accumulate your Glo Yakata bonuses. Every recharge you make will increase the total airtime balance in your Yakata bonus account.

    What is The Glo Yakata Migration Code?

    Existing customers can subscribe to Glo Yakata by dialing *220#. You can confirm if you are on Glo Yaka plan by dialing #100# on your Glo line.

    What is The Code To Check My Glo Yakaka Bonuses?

    Kindly dial *220*1# to view your Glo Yakata bonus. Confirmation messages will also be sent to your phone after every recharge.

    How Can I Unsubscribe from Glo Yakata Plan?

    If you want to leave Glo Yakata plan, simply dial the code of the plan you are migrating to. First migration within a month is free; subsequent migrations within the same month attract a charge of N100 per migration. Kindly find below, FAQs for more info about this wonderful Glo tariff plan

    Will I get Yakata benefits if I recharge with Glo e-Top Up?

    Yes, Yakata is available on both physical and e-recharge platforms.

    What happens if there is airtime in my Main account?

    Your calls will be charged first from your bonus account. You will only be charged from main account if the bonus account is fully depleted/expires, if you are making international calls or paying for value added services.

    How do I use the Data Benefit?

    If your phone is data enabled, you can start browsing as soon as you recharge and receive confirmation message of your voice and data benefit

    What happens if I have an existing data plan before recharging?

    The Yakata bonus data will be added to your existing data volume and the higher validity period supersedes. For example if you have an existing data plan of 2GB with 30 days validity and you recharge with N200, you will receive 250MB bonus and your new data balance will be 2.25GB with 30 days validity.

    What happens if I exhaust my Yakata Voice Bonus?

    All your calls will be charged from your main account upon exhaustion or expiration of your voice bonus until your next recharge. d

    What if I’m unable to consume all my Yakata Bonus within the Validity Days

    Unused bonus cannot be carried over unless another recharge is made within the 7 days bonus validity period.

    Can the bonus airtime be used to subscribe for any value added service?

    NO, all value added service subscriptions will be charged from main account.

    Can I make international calls with the bonus?

    NO, all international calls will be charged from main account.

    Can I share my Yakata bonus with another Glo customer?

    NO, any value in the bonus account is not shareable or transferrable.

    Glo Yakata Tariff

    Source : Ogbongeblog
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    Sunday, June 10, 2018

    Yahoo Messenger set to Close Services (March 1998 – July 2018)

    Yahoo Messenger set to Close Services (March 1998 – July 2018)

    Just few hours ago, Yahoo announced that it will discontinue its Messenger platform after 20 years of service. Users can still continue chatting on the Yahoo Messenger app until July 17, 2018 where it will finally stop working.

    One of the reasons Yahoo decided to forfeit its Messenger service is because it's a bit old and it seems they are working on a better platform.

    According to the company: “We know we have many loyal fans who have used Yahoo Messenger since its beginning as one of the first chat apps of its kind. As the communications landscape continues to change over, we're focusing on building and introducing new, exciting communications tools that better fit consumer needs.”

    They went on to recommend a better substitute to the Yahoo Messenger in firm of Yahoo Squirrel, which is an invite-only group messaging app. Loyal Yahoo fans will be very pleased with this, and also, you can download your chat history to your PC or device for the next 6 months. Additionally, your Yahoo ID can still be used for other Yahoo services like Mail and Fantasy.

    It's sad to see one of the first messengers on earth go, but with the newer communication systems and platforms, it was bound to happen.

    source: Yahoo Messenger
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    Saturday, June 09, 2018

    Redmi Note 5 Pro New MIUI 10 update v8.6.6 for  fixes bugs

    Redmi Note 5 Pro New MIUI 10 update v8.6.6 for fixes bugs

    Xiaomi has been among the select few Android OEM brands that offer extended software support to devices that are way past their update cycle. Even if the updates aren’t always timely, the Chinese tech company always delivers, but in the case of the Redmi Note 5 Pro, Xiaomi has gone all out to provide the latest Android 8.1 Oreo update and even fixed issues that were reported regarding it.

    After the release of the three Xiaomi Mi 8 variants this week, the company also unveiled the plans for MIUI 10 ROM release and listed the Redmi Note 5 Pro among the early recipients of the upcoming software update. While the MIUI 10 update version 8.6.6 for the device is already out, it is limited to only a select few who have taken part in the closed beta program in their home country of China.

    Redmi Note 5 Pro Update File

    Fortunately, you can get your hands on the Recovery ROM file, and flash it directly to the Redmi Note 5 Pro in any region to test out the goodness that is about to come with the release of MIUI 10. While the OTA ROM file has been made available as well, it would only work if your device is enrolled in the closed beta program that is currently limited to Chinese users.

    For those who want to go ahead with flashing the MIUI 10 software update on the Redmi Note 5 Pro, you will need a custom recovery such as TWRP installed on your device to do so. For any assistance regarding that, check out our well-detailed guide in the link down below

    How to install MIUI 10 8.6.6 ROM

    • Install the TWRP recovery on your Redmi Note 5 Pro first.
    • Install the MIUI 10 8.6.6 ROM using TWRP recovery.

    That’s it.
    Do let us know if you need any help regarding MIUI 10 update on Redmi Note 5 Pro using 8.6.6 ROM.
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