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    Sunday, December 09, 2018

    Glo Special Offer: How To Get 1.2GB Data For Just N200 or Get 6GB for N1000

    Glo Special Offer: How To Get 1.2GB Data For Just N200 or Get 6GB for N1000

    Glo appears to be appreciating its fans with the launching of another special data plan after bagging the best innovative brand of year award. The new Glo special data plan offers subscribers a whopping 1.2GB for just N200.

    The data plan works on all mobile devices and modems without any reservation and I believe everyone should be Eligible for the plan. The Validity is just 3 days.

    Requirement For Getting Glo 1.2GB Special Data Offer

    All you need for this “awoof” data is

    • Glo SIM
    • Glo Network (2G, 3G or 4G LTE)
    • Android or iOS device or any other device that uses SIM such as Mifi, modem and router.

    Please note that this is not a glo cheat but a legit glo data plan, so no app or tweaking required!

    How To Subscribe For The Glo 1.2GB For 200 Naira

    To get the the new Glo special data plan;
    1. Buy Glo N200 Naira recharge card or recharge via your bank
    2. Dail *77#
    3. Select 1
    4. Select 1 again and chose 5 (Special data offer)
    5. Press 2 for Glo Special Data and you are done.

      You should get your 1.2GB for N200, just choose it to activate it via the on-screen display. That’s all, enjoy.

    Note: You can subscribe up to 5 times to get 6GB which will cost you N1000

    How To CheckGlo Special Data Balance

      To check your Glo data balance for this special data promo, simply dial *127*0#

    Glo Special Data Validity

    Glo 1.2GB for N200 is valid for only 3 days.
    Glo 4G Network is now available in the whole 36 states across the country, so don’t miss out!
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    Thursday, December 06, 2018

    See This 7-Year-Old Boy who is Making $22 Million A Year On YouTube For Just Reviewing Toys

    See This 7-Year-Old Boy who is Making $22 Million A Year On YouTube For Just Reviewing Toys

    It might surprise you but its so true! The highest earning YouTube star in the world for the year 2018, according to Forbes is an elementary school kid who makes millions reviewing toys.

    The kid's name is Ryan, a 7-year-old who is the host of Ryan ToysReview, a popular toy review channel on YouTube topped the likes of PewDiePie, Logan Paul, Jake Paul and other top YouTubers to be number one on Forbes annual list of top YouTube earners.

    According to Forbes, the family-run YouTube channel generated about $22 million in pretax income between June 1, 2017 and June 1, 2018. Now that's a jump from last year's 8th position to 1st position this year, which is an $11 million increase from last years income.

    Ryan ToysReview YouTube channel began in March 2015 when Ryan who was just 4-year-old then, and a fan of toy-review videos asked his parents why he couldn't also review toys on YouTube.

    "Ryan was watching a lot of toy review channels --- some of his favorites are EvanTubeHD and Hulyan Maya --- because they used to make a lot of videos about Thomas The Tank Engine , and Ryan was super into Thomas," Ryan's mother said during an interview with TubeFilter. "One day, he ask me, 'How come i'm not on YouTube when all the other kids? So we just decided --- yeah, we can do that. Then, we took him to the store to get his very first toy."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
    Ryan ToysReview began producing YouTube's almost on a daily basis until a July 2015 video went viral. The video shows Ryan opening and a box containing about 100 toys from Pixar's Cars series. The video now has over 900 million YouTube views.                                                                               

    Ryan's YouTube channel does reviews for new toys or kid's food products. One thing that makes users love the channel is the earnest and enthusiastic commentary from Ryan who does it with off-camera guides from his parents.
    The channel now has 17 million subscribers, and has received a combined 26 billion views.

    Early this year, ToysReview struck a deal with Walmart to sell a toy line called 'Ryan's World' exclusively in over 2,500 US stores and Walmart websites.

    Sources: Techfoe
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    Wednesday, December 05, 2018

    Why you need to Buy the Nokia 7.1

    Why you need to Buy the Nokia 7.1

    People who buy new smartphones know why they do so. It could range from a powerful battery to a good quality display or camera. In the case of the Nokia 7.1, we got to see reasons why some people are rushing to buy it.

    Super Screen

    The first reason is the super screen and premium design. These give little reasons for anyone to dislike the device.

    Android Software

    Nokia is on Android One which is said to be a pure version of the operating system. Almost all the apps in here are standard Android. The phone is also guaranteed to get two years updates and three years of security patches. In fact, this phone is one of the first to upgrade to Android 9 Pie.

    Value Through Camera, Battery, Others

    Yes, when you purchase the Nokia 7.1, you get tremendous value from bright screen and twin cameras that performs at optimum. There is also fast charging technology in the device which means that you could a full charge from zero percent in just about two hours.

    Performance Features

    The Nokia 7.1 has a fast processor that affords it great speed. This makes the device respond at record time. Add the work of a 3.5mm audio headphone jack which is absent in phones.

    Large Enough Screen

    Watch movies, play music videos, play demanding video games on this device and you get to enjoy it as you would on a normal Huawei smartphone. Also, take note that the screen is attractive, not just large. The screen size is 5.84 LCD capacitive touch screen.

    Rear Cameras

    Yes, you saw right, for the rear cameras are made in conjunction with Zeiss. The company is very good with smartphone cameras manufacture and that means that any company that teams with up them will not be disappointed at all. The 12 MP and 5 MP sensors in the Nokia 7.1 is no joke at all.

    High End Design

    The design looks high-end though the smartphone price does not. Nokia is known for brandishing cute designs, stylish, upmarket blueprint. It has got a glossy back that makes it feel and look very premium.

    Did you like this Nokia 7.1? Please tell us below in the comments.

    Source: Techlector
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    Wednesday, December 05, 2018

    Airtel Triple Data: Get 2.2GB for N500, 4.5GB for N1,000 or 10.5GB for N2,000

    Airtel Triple Data: Get 2.2GB for N500, 4.5GB for N1,000 or 10.5GB for N2,000

    The airtel triple data or 3X data gives you 3times the data bundle you buy on your sim and it's quite related to the Airtel 2X double data and the recently blocked Airtel 4.6GB for N500.

    This offer has been available to users since last year but it isn't known to everyone and just few users make use of it, so, we have decided to share the new way to get the 3X Triple data with you.

    Airtel 3X Bonus

    How it works!

    Let's say you purchase a data bundle of N500, which gives you 750MB data, you should get 2.2GB data. That is three times of the 750MB data that you purchased.

    The same goes for other plans, but as usual, not all Airtel SIM cards are eligible for the offer. You just need to follow the below steps to see if you are eligible for it; there is no harm in trying.

    How to Get Airtel 2.2GB for N500, 4.5GB for N1,000 or 10.5GB for N2,000

    ✔ SMS GET to 141.
    You should receive a response message like this,

    Dear Customer,
    Congratulations! You can
    enjoy 100% DATA BONUS

    ✔ If you received a message like that, continue following the steps, but if you didn't receive a message like that, then it obviously means that you are not eligible for the offer.

    ✅ Then SMS MIFI to 141.
    ✔ After that, recharge either N500 airtime or N1,000 airtime, you can also recharge N2,000 airtime [ *126*recharge pin#].

    ✅ If the recharge was successful, simply purchase any data plan that the airtime can afford, let’s say you recharged N1,000 airtime, and you subscribe to the normal plan, you should get times three of the data plan.

    To check your data balance, simply dial *223# and you will get a pop up showing your remaining available data balance.

    You can also use *140# to receive a message for all your data balances including BONUSES.

    Source : Lukastechs
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    Tuesday, December 04, 2018

    You need to see Why Apple removed 700 apps from their Store in China

    You need to see Why Apple removed 700 apps from their Store in China

    Apple has removed about 700 applications from the App Store in China, including Sogou’s popular applications (Google’s Chinese Alternative), as well as Pinduodo’s online store.

    Applications have been removed because
    • they were updated outside the App Store without Apple’s permission
    • Each new application and updates must be checked by the App Store team for security and privacy reasons before they become available on the App Store
    • The company has prohibits developers from updating their applications outside the App Store.

    Apple has strengthened the App Store restrictions in the past few months. The company removed thousands of illegal apps from the Chinese App Store in August. Prior to this, the company removed all VPN applications from there due to new country laws. Over the past couple of years, Apple has removed several hundred thousand applications from the App Store in China at the request of the authorities or for their personal reasons.

    Now the App Store in China brings Apple a significant portion of the revenue, so the company is closely monitoring that no applications break the rules. In addition, Chinese media exert pressure on her, who constantly criticize her.
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    Tuesday, December 04, 2018

    Chinese Company Has Unveiled The First Satellite To Give Free Internet Worldwide Via Wi-Fi

    Chinese Company Has Unveiled The First Satellite To Give Free Internet Worldwide Via Wi-Fi

    A Chinese tech company has unveiled the first satellite in a constellation plan aimed at providing free Wi-Fi service round the globe.

    The Chinese tech company, LinkSure Network, prides itself as a global innovative mobile Internet company that specializes in providing free Internet access, content and location based services.

    According to LinkSure Network, the satellite will be launched next year from Jiuquan satellite Launch Centre in northwest China's Gansu province. The company targets to have 10 satellites in space by 2020, and 272 satellites floating the constellations by 2026.

    The project will see people use their mobile phone to search for Internet services provided by the constellation even in areas that aren't covered by telecom networks.

    The CEO of LinkSure Network, Wang Jingying, said the company will invest CNY 3 billion ($431.4 million) into the plan. She believes through different scenarios, applications and modes, the company could earn in the future.

    LinkSure Network aren't the only tech company interested in providing free Internet. Companies like Google, SpaceX, Telesat and OneWeb have already revealed their plans to provide free Internet access via satellites balloons.

    SpaceX has already received a pass by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to put 7,000 more of its Starlink Internet satellites into orbit.

    SpaceX plans to shot 12,000 satellites into the orbit and make wireless Internet access available, though the company admits that it could take more than six years to complete the whole project.
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    Monday, December 03, 2018

    Glo Super Value Pack: How To Activate Bonuses And Validity Periods

    Glo Super Value Pack: How To Activate Bonuses And Validity Periods

    Introducing Glo Super Value Pack, a Voice and Data pack offer from Glo Mobile Nigeria. The offer which is usable to customers within Nigeria and abroad, comes with some mouthwatering benefits. With just a recharge of N200, customers get N7590 for calls + 800MB data or 2.5GB data + N4000 for calls. Glo Super Value Pack comes in two variants as follows:

    1. More Data with Talk: Offer designed for the customers, who intends to use more data and less voice.
    2. More Talk with Data: Offer designed for the customers, who intends to use more Voice and less Data.

    For the More Data with Talk offer, you get more data bonus and less talk time. Charges for the More Data with Voice bundles offer, is set at 50k/s. With More Talk with Data, you get more talk time and less data bundle to surf the internet. Charges for More Voice with Data bundles, is set at 46k/s. According to Globacom, the offer is a pack and not a promo offer. With Glo Super Value Pack, customers can enjoy a combination of Voice and Data with just a recharge of N100 and above. The offer works just like the MTN XtraValue Tariff. One amazing benefit of the pack plan, is that users can gift out the data to any recipients of his/her choice. Meaning you can share the data bonus with your friends and family.

    How To Activate Glo Super Value Pack

    To subscribe to simply dial *777# and select 8 for Voice Data Combo offers.

    How To View Your Glo Super Value Pack Bonus?

    You can view your bonus by using *127*0# for Data plan, and *606# for Voice.

    See more details HERE. | Gizmolad
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    Sunday, December 02, 2018

    Google Play app gets upgrade with new simpler UI

    Google Play app gets upgrade with new simpler UI

    Google has been preparing the UI redesign of the Google Play app since the beginning of this year, but it's only now that the stable update has been rolled out to the wider public. It adopts a more simplistic approach with less clutter and more Material Design-ish look.

    The first thing we've noticed is that the navigation drawer is now exclusive to apps and games while shortcuts to the media apps like Play Movies & TV and Play Music are moved in the hamburger menu right underneath Settings.

    When you go deeper into the menus, you will immediately recognize the bright UI theme in line with the Material Design language, which Google has been pushing for years. The "My apps & games" and the "Settings" menus are now in white and gone is the green accent color. Unfortunately, the former menu is now missing the search option in the upper-right corner.

    The Account menu also gets re-organized and now opts for tabs instead of a list. And strangely enough, the Wishlist menu is now grouped with Notifications and Subscriptions in the slide-out hamburger menu.

    The new iteration is 12.6.13 and if you are still on the older version, try restarting the app. The update is server-side and it should appear sooner than later.

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    Saturday, December 01, 2018

    Google may kill Hangouts in 2020, but only for consumers

    Google may kill Hangouts in 2020, but only for consumers

    Google is killing another app two years from now, a new report by 9to5google claims. Hangouts is supposed to remain a business-only service from 2020, as consumers won't be allowed to use it any longer.

    Sources familiar with Google's plans claim Hangouts for consumers will be killed sometime in 2020, which shouldn't be surprising since the search giant is working towards making RCS (Rich Communications Services) the standard messaging service for the Android ecosystem.

    Although consumers will be given other messaging options to replace Hangouts, the service will remain available to business customers as part of the G Suite package (Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet).

    Even if this comes out as a rumor, Google has been hinting to Hangouts' demise after announcing a new RCS Chat feature built within the Android Messages app. As more carriers start adding support for RCS messaging, a superior solution compared to Hangouts, it's only fitting that Google discontinues the product when it becomes obsolete.

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    Friday, November 30, 2018

    Orange Psiphon Free Internet For Ivory Coast Users

    Orange Psiphon Free Internet For Ivory Coast Users

    The free Internet tricks keeps rolling in, and this time is for Orange users in the Cote d'ivoire region. This free Internet trick works on a direct configuration settings, it doesn't require any subscription for it to jump start.

    We will b making use of Psiphon VPN for this trick because it is a very popular tunneling app that is available on Android, iOS and Windows. Other tunneling or handler apps can also be used for this free Internet trick.

    The settings are straight forward and direct. No unnecessary downloads or booster apps needed. Mind you, this trick was confirmed working as at the time of this post. Kindly drop your queries to any issue that you might have encounter during the setup, though i doubt you will come across any.

    Click here to follow us on Twitter, and as well, here to like our Telegram channel for more free Internet trick updates.


    1. An Orange Ivory Coast sim card with zero data and call credit
    2. An Android device, iOS or PC
    3. Your Psiphon VPN or any tunneling app of your choice (Find link below)
    4. The configuration settings


    1. Ensure to use your default Access Point settings.
    2. Click here to download Psiphon or any tunneler app of your choice.
    3. Install the app and then open
    4. Go to Options, and then click on More Options.
    5. Now configure as instructed below:
      •     Connect through an HTTP Proxy: Tick
      •     Use the following settings: Tick it
      •        Host Address: Click here for host
      •        Port: 80
    6. Return back and connect, and enjoy free Internet access on the Telenor network

    Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Azeeztech only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

    AnonyTun Free Internet trick, Orange Psiphon unlimited Internet Morocco and Egypt

    Source : Techfoe
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