• Blogger Contact Form Widget Installation Guide

    Recently, Blogger announced the addition of  Contact Form widget to the list of official Blogger gadgets that can be added to Blogger blogs. Hence, if you don't know how to embed Google-docs generated and third-party html contact forms, you can add the widget to your blog to receive feedback easily from your blog readers.

    As at the time of publishing this post, the Blogger contact form widget does not support uploading files or sending of anything other than plain text. No captcha either and contact message will come from [email protected] although you will see the email of the sender in the contact message. For now, the widget has no configuration options.

    The widget is simply a contact form generator for Blogger blogs. Once you install it to your blog, it generates: 

    • Field for Name

    • Field for Email

    • Field for Message and

    • Send Button.

    How To Add Contact Form Widget To Blogger Blogs

    ==> Log in to your blogger dashboard at blogger.com

    ==> Go to "Layout" and click on "Add a gadget" link on your sidebar or footer section.

    ==> Click on "More Gadgets"

    ==> Click on "Contact Form" and Save.

    ==> "Contact Form" will be the title by default. You can change it. The form will automatically adjust to the size of your sidebar of footer column.

    That's all

    NOTE: To add the Blogger contact form to a Blogger Page, you will need to modify your blog html which I will explain in another tutorial. If you need a more sophisticated online contact forms for Blogger blog, read: "How I Create Contact Form For Blogger Using Google Drive Forms".



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