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How I Reset Africard Password Without Going To UBA Bank

Last week, while trying to check the balance of my Africard  at, I couldn't remember my password. After trying some passwords, my account was locked and I saw an alert that I should visit the issuing bank.

Few days later, I visited the UBA branch where I obtained the Visa card to know what I need to do to resolve the issue. I was told to write a letter, requesting for password reset. I wrote the letter, making sure it includes my name, Africard number and phone number. I submitted the letter and was told that I will receive my new passcode via email and SMS within few days.

Three days later, I received a mail from the bank that my Africard PIN has been changed. I was surprised because I requested for password reset and NOT PIN change. (The PIN is for use on ATM machines and not the one for online access). I tried to log on to the Africard site with the PIN and it didn't work. It became obvious to me that the bank carried out a PIN change and not password reset.

Immediately, I called the phone number at the back of my Africard, using the phone number I provided when applying for the card. I complained to the customer service agent that my PIN was changed instead of password reset. She apologized for the mix-up and promised to rest it for me over the phone if I can provide the neccessary info she needs to verify that am the true owner of the card,

I provided answers to all the questions she asked me and within 10 minutes, I received my temporary passcode for the Africard website via email and SMS. I logged on to the site with it and immediately changed the password to one I could easily remember.

Right now, I can check my card balance, transactions history etc from the website.

I hope this helps.

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