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    How To Check Android Version Of Phones and Tabs

    If you own an Android phone or tablet, there is need for you to know the version of the Android operating system (OS) that is running on your device. You might need the info when installing apps or when you want to update Android version of your device. Besides, you might just want to know if your phone is running on the latest android version.

    To know the OS version of your Android device, follow the steps below:

    ==> From  the home screen, tap "Menu"

    ==> Go to "Settings"

    ==> Scroll down and tap on "About device". You will get the info from there.

    On some Android phones eg "HTC phones", you might need to tap "About" > "System information" or "Firmware Version" to get the Android version of the device.

    That’s basically all that you have to do.

    Same trick applies if you want to find Android version of Tecno Android phones.

    Below is an up-to-date Android versions list:

    I will explain how to upgrade android version of your phone and tab in another tutorial. So, subscribe to my blog updates if you don't want to miss the tutorial.

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