• JarusHub Free Career Mentorship Conference

    In less than one year of existence, Jarushub, a Nigerian career and mentorship blog with focus on young Nigerians, is redefining blogging in Nigeria.

    Apart from providing useful and practicable tips for career success, the platform showcases interviews of successful professionals who share their success stories so that the young ones can learn from them.

    The blog's founder, Suraj Oyewale, a Chartered Accountant with experience in Nigeria's top Oil and Gas companies, consulted me when he wanted to start the blog and I am really impressed he is doing fine in just six months of existence.

    In line with his vision, Jarushub is taking career information sharing to another level with a new initiative, an offline conference scheduled to hold on September 21, 2013 in Lekki, Lagos.

    Top talented Nigerian professionals and CEOs will be at the career conference to discuss topical career and mentorship issues with young Nigerians. Some of the speakers are:

    ==> Mr. Robert Ikazoboh (CEO, Dragnet Solutions)

    ==> Mr. Tope Fasua, FCA (CEO, Global Analytics)

    ==> Mr. Akeem Oyewale, FCA (Director, Equities Brokerage, Standard Bank)

    ==> Mr. Olufemi Awoyemi, FCA (CEO, Proshare)

    ==> Mr. Niyi Yusuf (CEO, Accenture Nigeria)


    1, Academic & Professional Qualifications: Balancing the Mix

    2, Standing out in Nigeria’s Competitive Job Market

    3, Mentor: Why you need one

    4, Climbing the Career Ladder in Corporate Nigeria

    5, My First Job. My Next Job. What do I Need to Know?

    6, Quitting Your 9-5 Job: Why, When and How?

    7, Enhancing the Employability of Nigerian Graduates

    8, Straight from the Heart Tips to Young Nigerians

    DATE: Saturday, September 21, 2013

    TIME: 9am – 3pm

    VENUE: Elizabeth Hall, Citilodge Hotel, 1 Goshen Estate, Marwa Bus-Stop (after 2nd Roundabout, coming from VI), Opposite Ecobank (formerly Oceanic Bank), Lekki Expressway, Lekki, Lagos

    Get info on how to register for Jarushub conference here.

    Registration is FREE.


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