CPM Ad Network That Pays Bloggers Even If Readers Don't Click On Ads

MadAdsMedia is a global advertising network which works with top advertising networks to serve their ads on publishers websites. Instead of paying publishers per click like Google Adsense, the ad network pays publishers on CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions).

MadAdsMedia pays an average (not fixed, might be more) of $0.05 per 1000 views of their ad banner on a publisher's site. This simply means if you are blogger, visits to your blog will earn you money even if your readers don't click on ads. You just have to increase traffic on your site to earn more and more money using CPM.

The CPM ad  network aligns 100′s of ad networks, ad exchanges, and RTB advertisers to compete for publishers inventories.  Hence, if you place MadAdsMedia ad code on your blog, you might notice Google ads, Addynamo ads and ads of other networks been rotated on the ad space. Their optimization technology assures the ad provider with highest CPM is served, earning you the most for every impression.

The screenshot below illustrates how MadAdsMedia works: 

MadAdsMedia threshold is $50 and the network pays by check and through Paypal. Earnings are not updated real time, might take 48 hours. It takes 45 days after the current month end to receive payment if you have reached your set minimum payment.

Can I Make Money With MadAdsMedia?

MadAdsMedia ad network was recommended to me by a friend at Bloggerslab, while searching for best alternatives to Google Adsense apart from Chitika and Ad Dynamo.

After reading some reviews, I decided to give it a try for 3 days. To be honest with you, I wasn't satisfied with what I earned for the 3days.

I earned less than $0.10 per day, for the 3 days I placed MadAdsMedia 160x600 ad banner on my blog's sidebar. Imagine, I will need like 40,000 impressions to make just $2 per day based on $0.05 per 1000 impression. Earning such peanut for 30 days doesn't even makes sense to someone like me.

If I could have Adsense that pays me very well per click, I do not see any reason to keep allowing MadAdsMedia ads compete for clicks with my Google ads. Hence, have removed their ad banner from my blog.

If my dedicated account manager can contact me for an improved eCPM and if they can allow me to use their mobile banners, I might re-consider them.

Nevertheless, If you've been banned by Google Adsense, you can try them. If you have a site that get lots and lots of traffic, you can be making some money with them.

Remember, pays for impression and not clicks.

Do you have ad banners on your blog? Do you earn some good $$ with them? I will love to hear from you via comments.

Please, if you know other Ad networks that pay for impression, kindly share them via comments.


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