• Make N50,000 from DealDey in 4 Easy Steps

    Yesterday, I received a Newsletter on 5 easy steps to make N50,000 from DealDey and have decided to share it with you. Making money at DealDey is real. I have been making some money from the site and have used my earnings to buy some deals on the site. So, if you are Nigerian looking for how to make money online, you can give this a try.

    If DealDey.com is new to you, it is a website where people can enjoy great discount on things to do and buy including restaurants, salons, fun and gadgets.

    If you refer someone to the site and the person buys a deal, you will earn N1,000.

    So, imagine if 50 friends of yours buy a deal at Dealdey.

    Are you not N50, 000 richer?

    You can make N50, 000 from DealDey website if you follow the steps below:

    1. Go to http://goo.gl/VBbKZ and sign up for your DealDey account

    2. Once successful, log in to your DealDey account and click on the "Invite a friend" tab.

    3. Mail your unique link to fifty of your friends. Be nice to tell
      them how to make N50,000. You can also be sharing the unique link on
      Facebook. Twitter etc

    4. Click send and cross your fingers.  

    Keep sharing your unique link everyday and keep checking your Dealdey account.

    If you do this for 30days and you do not make money, you can then give up if you want to. 

    Wish you success!

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