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How I Make Windows PC Starts Directly Without Multiboot Option

Few days back, I gave out my HP 2140 Mini-Notebook PC to a friend to help me format it and load Windows 7 on it using his External DVD drive. On getting it back from him yesterday, I noticed he installed Windows 7 on the HD and Windows XP on a different partition, creating a Dual Boot.

On StartUp, it showed two OS options (Windows 7 and XP) to boot into and I have to select windows 7 to get started. Not satisfied with this, I decided to google how I can remove XP from dual boot and still be able to boot Windows 7.

Unfortunately, the guides I saw were so complex that I decided to just disable the multiboot option from showing up when Windows starts. This lets the PC boots directly with Win 7 although, the Windows XP still remains on the PC.

To make your PC boot directly With Windows 7 without prompting for boot screen,

==> Go to Control Panel

==> Click on "System" > Advanced System Settings (On left tab)

==> Select the "Advanced" tab and click Settings in "Startup and Recovery"

==> Select "Windows 7" as default operating system and Uncheck "Time to display list of Operating systems"

==> Select OK.

windows dual boot screenshot

That's all.

Anytime you start your Windows PC, you will no longer see the dual boot option.

Since I have a fresh install of both OS on my netbook, I will erase it all and start over so I can have one OS on it.

If you won't like to start all over, you can read how to remove the older version and just use Windows 7 or how to Uninstall Windows 7 on a multiboot system. You can also read more about having more than one operating system on a computer.

I hope this helps.

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