How To Use MB of Glo Bounce

After sharing the info on how to get free 30MB from Glo Bounce tariff plan, many Glo subscribers that migrated to the plan have been finding it difficult to browse with the free MB.

If you have an active glo data plan on your Glo line and also received Glo bounce 30MB, your free MB will remain intact whenever you browse while Glo will keep charging the MB of your data plan. If you've got no active data plan, your browser will keep redirecting you to the Glo HSI portal despite having free MB.

So, What is the solution?

For you to be able to use the free MB, you must migrate to the Glo Pay As You Use plan (PAYU) and must have configured your phone or modem with the gloflat settings.

How To Migrate to Glo PAYU

Use your Glo line to text PAYU to 127.

If successful, you will receive a text message that reads "Dear Customer, you are using data at Pay-As-You-Use rates of 5 kobo per KB or N51.20 per MB..."

How To Get gloflat Settings

If you've never browsed with your Glo SIM, you might have to request for the glo internet settings provided you already don't have it on your phone.

To request for the settings, use your Glo line to text flat to 1234.

Save the settings once you receive it.

If Glo replies you that your phone cannot receive the settings, then you need to manually configure your phone with the Glo settings below:

==> Connection Name = Glo

==> APN= gloflat

==> Username = flat

==> Password = flat


You must activate the gloflat settings on your phone as the default configuration. If you add the gloflat configuration to your phone and fail to activate it, you won't be able to connect to the internet with the free Glo MB.

Code To Check Balance of Glo Bounce MB

To check the balance of your Glo bounce MB, dial #122# or dial #124# then select 4. You will not see your free MB balance by texting info to 127.

That's all.

Let me know if this works for you via comments. If you're still finding it difficult using your Glo Bounce free MB, feel free to let me know via comments.

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