• Check If Tecno Android Phone and Battery Are Original or Not

    Today’s consumers are getting more interested in smartphones and Nigeria is not left out of the smartphone revolution. Right now in Nigeria, Tecno Mobile is winning the smartphone war as they are taking over the mobile phone market in Nigeria with their new range of Tecno Android smartphones.

    Building its smartphones on the tested and trusted Android platform and keeping prices low has added to the popularity of Tecno Androids in Nigeria and across Africa. If you are on a very tight budget looking to enjoy mobile technologies that until now has been exclusive to the middle class and the rich, you can now get yourself one of the latest Tecno Android phones and feel among :)

    Now that some bad guys are aware that Nigeria is one of the top markets for Tecno products, they have started scamming some consumers by selling fake Tecno Androids to them. To combat this, Tecno Mobile has created a webpage for genuine battery check and genuine phone check for Tecno Androids. Using the VC, Serial number and imei number of your Tecno phone, you can now check if your phone and battery are original.


    Just go to: http://gc.tecno-mobile.com/index and enter the info, then click submit.

    genuine Tecno check

    If your Tecno phone is fake, you will see a notification that your VC is not correct, that you should try and get an original Tecno phone from an authorized Tecno dealer.

    If your Tecno phone battery is genuine, you will see the notification below:

    TEcno battery check

    Where is the IMEI and VC of My Tecno Phone?

    You will see the imei numbers on the box of your Tecno phone.

    After unboxing it, you will see the imei number and VC after you might have removed the battery from the phone.

    You can also get your Tecno's imei numbers by dialing *#06# on your Tecno. It will display two serial numbers since its a dual SIM Tecno.

    jumia ng

    How To Get serial Number of Tecno's Battery

    Remove the battery from your Tecno phone and you will see the serial number on it.

    I hope this helps.

    Kindly share with friends to safe them from buying fake Tecno phones.

    Is your Tecno fake or original? Pls, let me hear from you. Be honest, even if it's fake...lol

    PS: Content thieves, pls stay-off.


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