• How To Transfer Credit on Glo Network

    The Glo Me2U service which allows Glo customers to transfer airtime from a prepaid glo line to another prepaid line has been restored. The service has been down for a very long time making it impossible to transfer credit on the Glo network. Now that it has been restored, I have decided to share with you, the Glo Me2U codes.

    To transfer credit, dial the code below:

    *131*Glo Number of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#

    For example, if your password is 12345 and you want to transfer N50 to a customer whose Glo number is 08055555555, then you dial : *131*08055555555*50*12345#.

    You will receive an notification, prompting you to enter "1" to confirm the transfer.

    That's all.

    Default PIN is 00000

    You can change your PIN by dialing *132*old password*new password*new password#

    You can transfer a minimum of N50 and maximum of N1,000 at a time. You can transfer a maximum of N5, 000 in a day.

    I hope this helps.

    If you've got questions to ask, please let me hear from you via comments.

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