• Konga Gift Card: How and Where To Get It In Nigeria

    As holiday shopping season ramps up, Konga.com has launched a new offering known as the "Konga.com Gift Card". Wondering, "what is a gift card"? Well, It is a form of payment issued by retailers, banks etc as an alternative to a non-monetary gift.  It is redeemable toward merchandise purchases online and in stores.

    You can send gift cards to your loved ones if you don't want to send them cash for shopping. They can use the gift cards to buy whatever they want at stores that accept the gift cards as means of payment. A gift card is identified by a specific number or code, not usually with an individual name, and thus could be used by anybody. It is backed by an on-line electronic system for authorization.

    What is Konga Gift Card?

    Konga Gift Card aka Konga e-Gift Voucher is a gift card you give or receive for a certain Naira amount, which can ONLY be redeemed on Konga.com. Unlike Amazon gift card which is in dollars, the monetary equivalent of a Konga Gift Card is in Naira. It's the gift of freedom to buy whatever you want, whenever you want it at Konga.com.

    When you give someone a konga gift card, you're essentially putting down the cash to let him/her buy whatever present he/she wants at Konga.com. The Konga Gift Card offers you the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to satisfy everyone this Christmas. It's definitely one of the easiest gifts you can give.

    Don't know what your friend would love as a Christmas gift, don't worry. Just send him or her a Konga gift card and the recipient will be able to choose whatever he/she wants from the 100,000* possible gift items on Konga.com and even get them delivered to his/her doorstep. Exciting? You bet it is.

    konga gift card

    How to Get Konga Gift Cards

    To get your gift vouchers in Nigeria on Konga, follow the simple instructions at: http://www.konga.com/konga-e-gift-voucher.

    Right there, you can specify an amount up to N150,000 (Minimum is N1,000) and provide an optional gift card message. By adding a custom message or name on the card, it can make for an individualized gift to someone you love to show how greatly he/she is appreciated.

    How to Use a Konga Gift Card

    1. Go to Konga.com and pick the items you want to purchase.

    2. Once you are done shopping, proceed to checkout

    3. Click the “USE GIFT CARD” option in Step 2

    4. Enter your gift voucher number.

    5. If the amount on your E-Gift card doesn’t cover your order total, you will be prompted to select an additional payment method.

    What better way to say Season’s Greetings than to give Konga Gift Cards?


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