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    How to Reveal Hidden or Shortened URLs

    I use Twitter a lot! Using Twitter a lot comes with it's own challenges. One of such challenges is that I get lots of Tweets from people via replies and DM (direct messages) asking me to check out some URLs (links). Due to the fact that Twitter only allows 140 characters, people choose to hide or shorten the URLs.

    Some of these URLs are genuine while most are complete spam. Clicking on these links might expose your Twitter account to hacking. It might also be a source of malware to your computer, tablet or mobile device. The best way to confirm this is to find a way to reveal all hidden or shortened URLs you get on Twitter.

    You should also do the same thing for all the shortened URLs you get in your email address and over the internet and social networks. This would secure you from a lot of troubles and unnecessary clicking of the URLs you are not sure of.

    How Do I Reveal Hidden or Shortened URLs?

    I use UrlReveal to achieve this. The site has been very useful for me. You can use it also. You don't need to rush and start clicking all the hidden or shortened URLs you receive.

    As shown in the image above, enter the hidden or shortened URL in the space provided and click on "Show me the real URL" button.

    I hope this helps? Let me know if it does.

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