• Get 14 Hot Ebooks as Valentine Offer

    As a way of celebrating Valentine with you, Desmond and I have decided to package a SUPERB offer for you. The offer lets you get 14 HOT, Top Quality Information Products for almost free. I said almost FREE because we are ready to give them all out to you for just N3, 000.

    The title of the info products are:

    • The Extra 1K Income blueprint

    • Simple Facebook List Building

    • Fiverr Domination

    • SEO 301 Report

    • USA Importer Guide

    • Facebook I Cent Click Secret

    • The Weekend Cash Report

    • How To Build Your Website With Wordpress Fast 


    • How To Make Money EveryDay With a Blog You Love

    • How To Get A World-Wide Accepted Visa Prepaid Card For Your Online Transactions In Nigeria

    • The 20k LAPTOP SECRET Guide

    • How To Open Paypal account - Naija Style

    • How To Buy a car Like A Dealer

    If you know the worth of info products in Nigeria, you will agree with me that each product above suppose to go for at least N2,000 which means to get 14 products normally, you will have to spend N2000 x 14 = N28, 000.

    Even if they sell for N1000 each, you will still have to pay N14,000 for 10 products.

    Now, imagine getting all the products just for N3, 000.


    Anyway, this will only be possible for a very limited time. I mean you can only get all for N3,000 if you order for them on or before 21st of February, 2014

    So, drop whatever you are doing right now and take advantage of this right away here before this opportunity disappears.

    Right there, you will see the button you can click on if you want to pay online using your debit card.

    If you prefer going to the bank to pay, my bank account info is there and info on what to do once you make your payment.

    Once I confirm the payment, I will mail all the info products to you without delay.

    Below is a screenshot of delivery confirmation from some of those who ordered for the 2013 End Of Year Offer.  So, no need doubting if we will deliver or not. We will....

    WE ARE ENDING THIS OFFER ON THE 21st of February 2014. After that, We will SHUT THIS OFFER DOWN FOREVER!

    If you are one of those that have been mailing me, begging us to re-open the 2013 end of year offer, this is an opportunity to get the info products and the added ones.

    If you fail to get them before we shut down the offer,  there is nothing I can do thereafter. So, ACT NOW!!!


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