How To Make Posts Appear On Blogger Pages

Despite the fact that I've explained how to add labels to Blogger posts and how to add Navigation tabs to Blogger, many bloggers keep asking me how to put posts into Blogger/Blogspot pages i.e make selected posts appear on other pages of a Blogger blog apart from the homepage.

For example, if you click the "Blogger Tips" tab on my blog, it will open the "Blogger Tips" page that displays posts that are related to "Blogger Tips". Those posts are the posts that I've labelled with "blogger tips".

Looking closely at the URL of the page, you will notice that it looks like :

In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to create such Pages i.e I am going to show you how to use Blogger Pages to organize your blog posts on different pages using labels.

Now, let's assume you want to create a page titled "music" and you want all posts related to music to be displayed on the page.

==> Login to Blogger dashboard and click on "Pages"

==> Click on the "New Page" tab and click on "Web Address" as seen in the picture below:

==> Insert the link below and enter a name for the label



The name of the label is what you will add to each post you want to be displayed on the page. Any post (new or old) that you add this label to, will be filed under the page.

For Example, any post I labelled with "music" will be displayed on the page :

The page will be blank if I don't label any of my post with "music".

That's all.

UPDATE: The Web Address option has been replaced with "Add link page". Read more here

You can link a navigation tab to the link of the page (i.e ). You can also use the link inside your posts or use the "Link List" gadget to add such links to your Blogger sidebar.

If you don't want the Page to appear as a tab in your Blog navigation bar, go to "Layout", click "edit" under the Pages gadget, untick the Page and SAVE

Don't know how to label your posts? Read: How To Add Labels To Blogger Posts.


1. Labels are case-sensitive.  It's preferable to type your labels in small letters.

2. If the name of your page will be more than one word eg blogging tips, making money tutorials, please click here to check out the trick that works perfectly for such. 

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