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    Turn Your Picture To Old School Photo Without Photoshop

    Recently, I shared some funny Old look vintage Photos of mine on Facebook in which I look like a person from the 1940's or 1970's. Ever since then, alot of my Facebook friends have been asking me how I created those photos. In this post, I've decided to share with you, how you too can create stunning vintage portrait with funny crazy photomasks.

    Below are some of the photos:


    vintahe photo 1

    vintage photo 2

    vintage photo 3

    vintage photo 4

    You don't need Adobe Photoshop!!!.

    To get started, all you need is the Absolute Vintage Studio LITE app by David Sandonato. The app is available as free download for Android and iOS devices.

    Vintage app

    Once installed on your device, select a mask from the different available vintage photo masks (for men and women), select your photo or your friend's photo from the photo library of your device and the app will turn it to an extraordinary final image that looks EXACTLY like a 50 years old distressed photo. .

    You can even add up to 20 different accessories (hat, cigarettes, eyeglasses,pipes and beards) to your photo while creating the vintage photo. You can save it to your device and you can send it by email or post it directly to Facebook.

    The app features a step by step absolute vintage portrait creation tutorial which will guide you if you don't understand how to use the app.

    You can download Absolute Vintage studio for iPad here and you can download Vintage studio for android here.

    Try it and share with friends.

    Have fun!

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