Verified Paypal Account Opened in Nigeria Permanently Limited

Last year, I received an email notification on my iPad that my USA verified PayPal account has been limited. I ignored the mail and didn't bother to read it not until last weekend when I decided to login to the PayPal account to know what actually happened and what to do to remove the limit on the PayPal account.

I logged on and saw an alert that my account has been limited for a reason with Case ID : PP-002-504-023-262. It's stated clearly on the page that I will need to provide some information before I can have access to sensitive account features i.e I will not be able to send or receive money with the paypal account.

I clicked on the link to the PayPal Resolution centre to check out the information needed from me and when I saw the list, I laughed because inside me, I know that's the end of the :)  Imagine, they want me to provide :

  • Photo ID

  • Bank Account Statement of the VBA I used to verify the account

  • Proof of the US address I used when opening the account

  • Social Security Number

  • Business Information

If you know the tricks involved in opening USA Verified PayPal accounts in Nigeria, you will understand that there is no way I can pass this PayPal limitation review.

Despite been a VBA verified PayPal account, I suspect the red flag was raised because I've been using hotspot shield to manage the account since I created it. Might also be as a result of my last transaction in which I transferred to another PayPal account opened in Nigeria. I also read somewhere that account verified with ETrade accounts are been limited these days.

If you go through the PayPal Restricted activities in Paypal's User Agreement before opening your PayPal account in Nigeria, you will understand that your PayPal account can be limited without any prior notice. 

I know this can happen anytime to my account, that's why I always use or sell out my PayPal funds, ensuring I don't have much left in the account.

So, What Next?

I will create a new PayPal account that will be verified with VBA (not ETrade account) and SSN and also ensure I use a dedicated VPN when accessing the account.

What's your take on this?

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  2. I have PayPal account in Nigeria and I can't access my account balance pls I need positive response and I need SSN code to or any other option to that