How To Copy WorkSheet From Excel Workbook File To Another

Sometimes, you might have an Excel worksheet you wish to include as a worksheet in another Excel file i.e workbook. You can get this done with ease using an Excel built-in feature instead of using "copy and paste". Using "copy and Paste" can frustrate you and might even make you lose some formatting styles.

The trick am sharing with you in this tutorial will let you insert worksheets from other workbooks quickly without losing data and formatting styles. It simply involves the use of the "Move or Copy" command in the same instance of Excel.

As an example, I'm going to show you how I copied a worksheet in Excel 2003 from a "source" workbook i.e sales.xls to a "target" workbook i.e jideexcel.xls. Just follow me through the steps:

1. Open the workbooks you want to work with (source and the target workbook)
2. In the source workbook, click on the tab of the sheet you want to copy
3. Right click the selected worksheet, and click Move or Copy

Excel_move or copy

4. In Move or Copy dialog box, click the "create a copy" option and choose the target workbook from the "To book" dropdown. Excel will display only the open workbooks in this list.

microsoft excel


5. Click OK and Excel will move or copy the sheet to the target workbook.

That's all.

I hope it works for you.

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