How To Get Facebook Application ID and Secret Key

If you look closely at the Facebook Javascript SDK generated whenever you generate the code for Facebook Like box/button and other Facebook social plugins, you will notice there is a line that contains an appID. The Facebook App ID is required if you want to integrate your site with Facebook Open Graph and Facebook Insights. 

If you also want to implement a "share on Facebook to download" trick on your blog, you will also need a Facebook application ID. It's also a must-have if you want something like "Via Ogbongeblog" to be displayed in your Facebook status.

So, in this tutorial, I am showing you how to create a Facebook application to get an app ID for your blog or website.

How To Create Facebook Application

==> Go to :

==> Click on the "Create New App" button

create facebook application

==> Enter your blog/site name in the "Display Name" field

==> Leave "NameSpace" blank

==> From the "Category" drop down menu, select a category for your blog site eg Entertainment

==> Click the "Create App" button

A security check might pop up asking you to enter the displayed captcha. Enter the displayed text and click "submit". If entered correctly, you will be redirected to the dashboard of your new app which will look similar to the screenshot below;

facebook application dashboard

Take note of the AppID. You can write it down or save it somewhere you can easily access.

For the purposes of this tutorial, you won’t need your “App Secret” value.

facebook application settings

==> Click on "Settings" > "+Add Platform"

facebook application platforms

==> Select "Website" from the options. This will open up a new field as seen below:

facebook application site url

==> Enter the URL of your blog/site in the "Site URL" and "Mobile Site URL" fields as seen above.

==> Click the "Save Changes" button

==> Scroll up and enter your domain name in the "App Domains" field

facebook application app domains

==> Enter your email address in the "Contact Email" field.

==> Click the "Save Changes" button.

Now, we need to change the status of the app from development mode to public.

==> Click on "Status & Review"

==> Click on the blank tab besides "NO" to change it to "Yes"

facebook application status

A confirmation window will pop up. Click on the "confirm" button.

That's all.

You can click on "App details" to add description, icons, banners, contact info and demo video.

You can see all your Facebook apps at : You can click on any app on the page to see the app's ID.

I hope this helps.

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