• Receiving Payment by Amazon Gift Card From Non-Nigerians

    Few days back,a non-Nigerian internet marketer contacted me for an advert slot on my blog. He offered to pay me via PayPal but I replied him that I'm currently having some problem with my PayPal account.

    He agreed to send the funds to me if I can come up with an alternative to Paypal. While thinking about the easiest way I can receive money from a non-Nigerian, Amazon Gift Cards came to my mind. I mailed him that he can use his money to buy a gift card for me at amazon.com. I also sent him a link on how to buy the gift card.

    This morning while checking my mail, I received a notification from amazon.com to redeem a gift card. I followed the link to redeem the gift card and the dollar amount on the gift card was successfully added to my amazon.com account.

    gift card balance

    I can use the fund when next I want to shop on Amazon.com and ship to Nigeria. The balance will never expire. I can also use it to buy Amazon Gift card too.

    So, when next a non-Nigerian wants to pay you, you can tell him or her to buy Amazon gift card for you. It's better than accepting Paypal funds which might get trapped in your PayPal account or that of your friend, if it gets limited.

    If you know other ways of receiving payments from non-Nigerians, please share them via comments.



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