• Add Credit Card to Google Apps for Business Account in Easy Steps

    My GTBank MasterCard which I use in paying for my Google apps for business subscription expired last month. To prevent the suspension of all services for my account, I have to add a new form of payment for automatic charging in my billing account.

    I've added the details of my new Guaranty Trust Bank Mastercard to my billing account and everything is now OK. So, in this post, I decided to share with you, the steps in adding your debit or credit card details to your Google Apps for business account.  

    Google apps for business


    To update your form of payment:

        ==> Access your Admin Console at admin.google.com.
        ==> Select Billing.
        ==> Select the $ icon to access your billing account. This will take you to your Transaction history tab.
        ==> Select the Billing settings tab.
        ==> To add your credit or debit card, click Add new form of payment
        ==> Enter your card details etc and select the box "Make this my selection for future payments".

    That's all.


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