DsTV BoxOffice Online Account Lets You Rent and Download Latest Movies Without DsTv Subscription

If you live in SouthAfrica, you can now rent and download the hottest, latest hollywood blockbusters directly on your PC or Mac if you sign up for DsTV BoxOffice account. BoxOffice Online is SouthAfrica's first online movie rental service.

BoxOffice online is open to anyone in SouthAfrica, whether you are a DsTv subscriber or not.  If, however, you are a DStv Premium or DStv Extra subscriber, you will benefit by paying less to rent a New Release movie online with BoxOffice, if you Sign up and link your DStv Premium, DStv Extra smartcard or customer number to your BoxOffice account.

There is no cost to sign up for BoxOffice. The cost to rent each movie varies depending on whether you’re renting a New Release or a Classic movie. Once you have successfully paid for a rental, the movie will be available to you for 48 hours. Your 48-hour rental period starts from the moment that you press the"“Watch Now" button. This applies to movies that are downloaded as well.

How To Use DsTv Box Office Online

==> Sign up for your BoxOffice Account or login with your DStv Connect ID, even if you’re not a DStv subscriber.

==> Choose from a wide selection of Hollywood blockbusters in the DsTv catalogue, search for a movie or choose from the recommended movies.

==> Rent instantly and pay with a variety of flexible payment options. Valid South African credit card (Visa or MasterCard), EFT, debit order or voucher are accepted.

==> Stream movies directly with your browser from the DsTV Boxoffice website or rent and download movies with the DStv Desktop Player.

NB: An Internet connection is required to rent and download movies. You will need to make use of the DStv Desktop Player, to download movies to watch later.

If you are living outside SouthAfrica eg in Nigeria or you travel out of SouthAfrica but still want to rent and download movies via DsTv BoxOffice online, you can try using South Africa proxy pending the time it is available in your location.

Have fun!

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