• Kaymu Affiliate Program: How It Works

    Online shopping in Nigeria has caught on like wild fire, with
    proliferation of e-commerce platforms operating different business
    models, one of which is Kaymu, Nigeria’s leading online marketplace,
    similar to eBay. The Nigerian online shopping site enables buyers to
    have access to a wide variety of products at the most competitive price
    while giving sellers a platform to reach a large audience base.

    Kaymu prides itself as having the lowest prices when it comes to all
    products as a result of its business model which fosters healthy
    competition from sellers who place items at cheaper prices to beat the
    competition making Kaymu a sure destination for any online shopper that
    seeks the best price for a product.

    Kaymu.com.ng in line with its mission of empowering Nigerian
    entrepreneurs is set to launch its Affiliate Program. The program allows
    3rd parties to place ads on their platforms and get rewarded. This
    means if you don't even have anything to sell on Kaymu, you can still be
    one of those smiling to the Bank through the affiliate program.


    How Kaymu Affiliate Program Works:

    §  Kaymu generate codes to place Kaymu ads on their blogs, Social Media accounts or websites.

    §  In return, Affiliates get 5% off every confirmed sale. This percentage applies to all categories.

    §  30-day cookie period

    To qualify for the affiliate program, you need to have a strong social
    media presence, a blog or a website.

    You can mail  [email protected], stating your intention to join the program.

    With exciting categories from
    Fashion, to Mobile Phones and Tablets amongst others and thousands of
    products to choose from, you are sure to find the category you fall into
    or wish to promote.


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