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    How to Add or Invite Multiple Authors on Blogger

    If you ever considered working on a blog with multiple authors and you'd like to add others to publish posts or moderate comments, you can invite multiple authors on your Blogger blog. These additional authors have blog posting rights and can be either a guest author or blog administrator.
    1. An author can create and edit only his/her own posts and have restricted access to some of the blog' Settings. There, he or she will be able to access the Posting options and Add a mobile device, or remove themselves from the blog membership. 
    2. An administrator, on the other hand, will have FULL access to the blog' settings and template. Users with this privilege can edit or delete posts made by other members of the blog, add/remove other members or transfer the ownership of a blog.
    invite multiple authors on blogger

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    How to Invite Authors on Blogger

    To invite multiple authors on a Blogger blog is really easy. Just follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Log into your blogger account at blogger.com and click the name of your blog

    Step 2. Click "Settings" on the left side of the page and go to the "Basic" tab:

    invite multiple authors on blogger
    Invite multiple authors on Blogger
    Step 3. Look for the Permissions/Blog authors section and click on the "Add authors" link. Enter the email address for each author you would like to invite, separating each address with a comma.

    Step 4. Click "Invite authors" button at the bottom once you're done. And that's it!

    Managing Authors

    The invited Authors will be listed after the invitations have been sent. They will need to click the "Accept Invitation" button in the invitation email in order to get started. Authors which have yet to accept or decline the invite will be listed under 'open invitations'. To remove an author from the blog, simply click the Remove icon next to the author's email address:

    invite multiple authors on blogger
    Cancel the invitation
    Once the invited member accept your invitation, they will be listed as an "Author" by default. To give a person full admin privileges, you can change the "Author" status in the "Permissions" section of the Settings > Basic tab to "Admin":

    add second admin on blogger
    Changing an Author into an Admin in Blogger

    Please proceed with caution! Administrators have as much power over your blog as you do, including the ability to permanently delete it!

    So this is how you can invite multiple authors in blogger. With this feature, everyone on your team can help create different engaging content for your readers to enjoy.

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