Campaigns Feature In Blogger Lets You Advertise Your Blog With Adwords

A new feature "Campaigns", which can help your blog get more visibility has been added to the Blogger dashboard. A friend tagged me in a screenshot of the new feature yesterday on Facebook and I signed in to my Blogger account immediately to confirm it.

Unfortunately, as at the time of publishing this, I'm finding it difficult to use the Blogger "campaigns" because I keep seeing "This email address already has access to an AdWords account and cannot be reused." everytime I try using the new feature with my blog's email address.

If you click on the "Campaigns" tab in your Blogger dashboard, you will be taken to a page on "Google Adwords" site where you can create your account and your first ad campaign in just a few steps.

You will be able to create an ad that tells people about your blog, after which you will choose the search terms that will make your ad show in the Google search results.

If the words people type in Google match your keywords, your ad can appear above or next to the search results and people will see your blog on Google.

You get more readers when they click your ad and go to your blog.

Is it Free?

NO. You only pay when they click on your ad.

How Can I Pay for Blogger Campaigns?

If you are a Nigerian, you can pay for the ads using your Access Bank Visa card, UBA Africard and GTB Naira Mastercard.

Add the card to your Adwords account and use it to load any amount you want to spend into the Adwords account. When people click on your ad, the charges will be deducted from the balance in your Adwords account.

Once you exhaust your balance, the ad will stop running and Google will alert you to add more funds to your account if you want your ad to keep running.

Whether you're looking to bring in new readers or keep them coming back for more, you can give it a try, may be starting with $10.

What's your take on this?

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