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    How To Change YouTube Channel URL : 2014 Update

    Earlier today, I shared a tutorial on how to create multiple YouTube channels on one Google account. If you create a channel by following the steps in that tutorial, you'll have a default unique channel URL that looks something like this:


    You can see that it is quite complicated and hard to remember. If you'd like a simpler URL, you can add a custom URL to your Channel. To add a custom URL, follow me through the steps below:

    change youtube username url

    •  Make sure you're signed into YouTube, and go to your advanced account settings here.

    •  Under Channel Settings, click Create customised URL.

    •  You'll then be able to choose the URL you want. Note that you can't choose a URL that someone's already chosen. Once you've chosen your custom URL, it will appear like this:


    Once your channel has a custom URL, it can't be changed. Choose carefully!


    If you had or have a traditional YouTube username on your channel, then you unfortunately can't add a custom URL or change your URL. Your channel already has a URL associated with your old username, like the following:


    I hope this helps.

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