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    You are Here in » » MIUI ROM Karbonn TitaniumS1 | v4.1.17 | Highly Customizable.

    MIUI ROM Karbonn TitaniumS1 | v4.1.17 | Highly Customizable.


    MIUI looks different than any Android ROM out there and to my eyes it is beautiful. It is fast, minimal and feature-rich, and is updated weekly with bug fixes and feature releases.You can enable most of these features on your Android device with the help of an app, but in MIUI they all work together, have a unified design language and all of them are in built so you don’t have to worry about a rogue app eating all your battery while you sleep

    Features : 
    • Custom ICONS Available.
    • Feature-Rich Music Player.
    • Lockscreen New MUSIC player ICON.
    • Fast Caller-id identification.
    • Firewall, Spam Filter and Anti Virus Built In.
    ScreenShots : 

    Download Link :

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