• Monitor.us: Free Pingdom Alternative That Alerts You When Your Website is Down

    Monitor.us is a free web based IT monitoring tool that allows you to seamlessly monitor your web applications, databases, site availability, response time, network health and dozens of other metrics, all from one screen without sacrificing the sanctity of your servers or data.

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    Monitor.us is a free alternative to Pingdom website monitoring service that provides monitoring history for 24 hours. It monitors different metrics but the most crucial one as far as I am concerned is the Uptime and Response time.

    The Monitor.Us uptime and response time monitoring metric allows you to ensure that your website is up and running with a quick response time, 24/7/365. This way, you know when it goes down so you can get it back up and running and not lose more traffic. In addition, it is also capable of notifying you of failures via email, IM, SMS or live-voice.

    I've been using the site to monitor the Uptime and Response time of my sites for free. The site checks my websites every 30 minutes and alert me via e-mail when there’s trouble. It also alerts me when my site is back online after a downtime.

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    You can set up Uptime Monitoring at monitor.us in just 3 minutes and you don't even have to add any code to your site. The awesome part of this free Cloud-based monitoring services is you can monitor more than just port 80 web traffic. You can also monitor MySQL status along with a host of other ports and services.

    You can get started at www.monitor.us

    When you sign up, ensure you check the email you used to sign up and confirm it to be used as contact, otherwise you will not receive alerts.

    You can consider upgrading to the premium version at monitis.com if you want to move to the next level. The monitis support page has tips to guide you on how to efficiently make use of the cloud computing services.

    Have you also been using monitor.us? Do you know other free uptime monitor services? Please, let me hear from you via comments.


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