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    Nokia X Rom for Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A21.

                 Time has come where we can finally install Nokia X rom on our Karbonn A21 & Karbonn A9+ easily. Today I am going to show you process to install Nokia X rom on Karbonn A21 Smartphone.Nokia X has got some cool interface from Windows packed in an Android OS. Nokia X Rom for Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A21 Snapdragon based Karbonn Smartphones. I really appreciate the efforts of the developers of this ROM.

    Features :
    1. Complete Nokia X UI. Extracted from original Nokia X ROM.
    2. Nokia X Launcher
    3. Nokia X Camera App
    4. Nokia X lockscreen.
    5. Nokia X themes.
    6. Customized Nokia X camera for Better performance.
    7. Added Kernel to reduce ram usage and Battery consumption.
    8. And many more things. 

    Bugs :  


    Download Nokia X ROM For A21/A9+ ROM : Nokia X Rom for A21

    Screenshots : 

    Warning : "I am not responsible if anything happens to your phone during this process. I can only guide/help you in such situations. "

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