• Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Custom ROM for Karbonn A27+

               After a long gap i'm back with another ROM for Karbonn A27+. Note 3 Neo the latest phone from Note 3 series has got some really cool features with better interface. So, today i'm here with Galaxy Note III Neo's Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S9. It's been a long since any custom ROM for Titanium S9 has been posted. Sorry, for this delay as my exams are going on. Let's get back to the ROM, What is different in this ROM from other Note 3 ROM? Yes, this ROM has got advanced sensors like Smart pause & the best part is it works sometimes in Karbonn A27+. Kitkat based Interface, Smart gestures, heavily optimized with build tweaks & much more. What else you want from a custom ROM? So, Let's move ahead.

    Samsung UI and Note 3 Features :
    1. New Note 3 User Interface Auto Insurance
    2. S4 Task Manager Auto Insurance
    3. Samsung Galaxy Icons Auto Insurance
    4. Galaxy Fonts Auto Insurance
    5. S Voice
    6. Galaxy Notes Auto Insurance
    7. S Music
    8. S Sound Recorder
    9. Vibrate On Call Connect
    10. Samsung In-Call Screen and Dialer
    11. Some Note 3 & S4 Apps
    12. Samsung Bootanimation
    13. Galaxy Note 3 + S4 Ringtones
    14. Samsung Galaxy Wallpapers
    15. Samsung Dailer
    16. Build.prop Tweaks
    17. Fluid And Even More Smoother
    18. Pre-Rooted
    19. Faster Streaming
    20. Net Speed Tweaks
    21. Signal Tweaks
    22. Better Responsiveness & Speed
    23. Proximity Tweaks Auto Insurance
    24. Battery Saving Tweaks Auto Insurance
    25. Smooth & Improved Touch Auto Insurance
    26. Samsung New Status Bar Auto Insurance
    27. Amazing Battery Backup Auto Insurance
    28. Super Smooth Performance Auto Insurance
    29. Some SD Speed Tweaks Auto Insurance
    30. Vividness Patch PreIncluded Auto Insurance
    31. S Calender Auto Insurance
    32. No Delay In Making Call Auto Insurance
    33. Fast GPS Auto Insurance
    34. Fully Samsung themed System UI & Framework Auto Insurance
    35. Samsung Incoming Call + Outgoing Call Screen & Contact Photo
    36. Fully Samsung Modded Contacts & Messaging Auto Insurance
    37. Air Gesture Perfectly Working. Auto Insur
    Unmatched Features. :
    1. Performance at its best
    2. Optimized to reduce load on system
    3. Low on power consumption (battery)
    4. Made with great precision
    5. Removed all issues
    6. Finally, you will love it...
    7. Added Default Music Player as Walkman of XperiaZ2.

    What is Different ? 
    1. Sun Reflect Effect on lockscreen.
    2. Notification Bar with sliding toggles.
    3. Best Undistorted Settings.
    4. Modded Notification.
    5. Theme from Samsung
    6. Multi DPI everything, now select preferred DPI.
    7. Great looks.
    Connectivity :

    1. Optimized with build.prop tweaks
    2. Internet and wifi Speed optimized.
    3. In kernel collaboration WIFI strength improved
    4. Signal strength improved.

    Bugs :  System UI Force Closes While connecting USB Storage.

    Screenshots :

                    Please read the bug section before installing this rom. Better take a nandroid backup of your phone. I hope you like this ROM we will try to fix the bug as soon as possible. Keep Visitng ! Have a Good day !


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