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    How To Install Google Playstore in Any Rom.


    •  This is a solution for all the ROMS which do not have Google playstore by default. This is the easiest and safest method for installing Playstore. This is also useful if u  want to upgrade your playstore manually.
    •  The version of playstore is 4.6.16 .

    Disclaimer : I am not responsible if you brick your device or if your device blows up, implodes, flames start shooting from it..But i can assure you that it will work if you do the same as i say.


    (1) CWM recovery installed.
    (2) Play store fix --


      (1) Download and place the playstore fix in ur sdcard.
      (2) Go to CWM recovery (Volup+Home+lock buttons) and then select "Install zip from sd card."
     (3) Select the zip and wait for it install. Reboot your after installation is completed.
     (4) You have successfully installed  Playstore in your device.

      NOTE: NO need for factory reset or clear cache or anything. Simply flash this file.

            I hope this article helped you in installing Playstore on your device. If you have any doubt/suggestions you can comment below.  Feedbacks are most welcome. Please share this post ! 

                                Thanks You!

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