Practical Training: How To Set Up Caller Tunes and Short Code in Nigeria and Make Money Monthly


If YES, I want you to reserve a seat for an upcoming training where a trusted 'Mobile Marketing Veteran' will expose to ONLY 20 people, the same exclusive cutting edge tools, strategies, and insider secrets that he uses every single day to profit from the Mobile Marketing niche.

The secrets include among others :

  •  How to set up a free premium caller tune at a zero cost

  •  How to set up a premium shortcode for N10,000 or less

  •  How to set up a Shortcode SMS Betting system...and bonus 24 topics!

What's more is that you can learn and apply what you will learn at your own pace on your own schedule!

For the sake of 'show me is better than tell me'...below are some of the codes he set up personally:

==>Keyword: PROPHECY, Shortcode: 33810, Tariff: 50NGN

==>Keyword: LINK, Shortcode: 33810, Tariff: 50NGN

==>Keyword: donate, Shortcode: 35815, Tariff: N100

==>Keyword: HIRE, Tariff : N100, Shortcode: 35815

==>Tariff: N50, Keyword: NClinic, Shortcode: 33811

==>Keyword: SWITCH, Tariff : N100, Shortcode: 35815

==>keywords: tips, Shortcode: 33810, Tariff: N50

==>Tariff: N50, keyword: Amen, shortcode: 33810

==>Keyword: BACKPAIN, Tariff : N50, shortcode: 33810

The practical training is actually meant for two set of people:

  •  The first set are those already into the mobile marketing business but not earning as much as they desire.

  • The second set of people are intending mobile marketing millionaire.

In the live training of 20 people, he will reveal the "Top-Most Uncovered" secrets of the Mobile Marketing Industry of all times...and you will discover how to make a minimum of N350,000 monthly offering the following mobile marketing services:

==> Shortcode,

==> caller tunes,

==> shortcode, smart numbers,

==> mobile website and lot more!

The training will take place on 13th of September, 2014.

If for any reason you cannot attend, then you can get the Step by Step Video Home Training DVDs that will guide you through the process of Smart Mobile Marketing. The videos are so comprehensive and the entire process made ridiculously simple.

Check out who the trainer is, the venue, list of all topics that will be covered and more at :

You can reserve your seat when you scroll down the page.

There are only 20 seats for this training. So ensure you reserve a seat for yourself.


You can't become rich in your pocket until you become rich in your mind!

The making of every man is a function of what he knows.

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