• Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom ROM for Karbonn TItanium S5.

    ROM Featues :Auto Insurance
    1. Fully Galaxy S5 Touchwiz Themed
    2. Galaxy S5 Weather Widget
    3. Galaxy S5 Touchwiz Launcher
    4. Galaxy S5 Bootlogo(THE ORIGINAL)
    5. Samsung Bootanimation
    6. Galaxy S5 Styled Settings.apk
    7. Galaxy S5 Dialer
    8. Galaxy S5 Themed SystemUI(Worked a lot on it)
    9. Galaxy S5 Styled Stock Lockscreen
    10. Ported Galaxy Touchwiz Clock.apk(fully working now)
    11. SMemo
    12. Galaxy S5 My Files
    13. Galaxy S5 Icons
    14. Galaxy S5 Themed Music Player(+the Music Widget)
    15. Call recording on stock callscreen(by pressing options button)
    16. Galaxy S5 Battery icon
    17. Bravia Engine 2
    18. Battery Tweaks
    19. Proximity Tweaks
    20. Frees More RAM
    21. Signal Tweaks
    22. Fast Reboot
    23. Better Responsiveness & Speed
    24. No Delay In Making Call
    25. Net Speed Tweaks Auto Insurance
    26. Better Image & Audio Quality Auto Insurance
    27. Faster Streaming Auto Insurance
    28. Loads of Build.prop tweaks Auto Insurance
        Bugs :Auto Insurance
             Few minor bugs like sometimes Auto-Rotation doesn't works which can be neglected or else there is no Major bugs. If you find any than please inform us.Auto Insurance

        ScreenShots : Auto Insurance




        Downloads :Auto Insurance

        1. ROM Auto Insurance

        2. Fix for 'Cannot connect to Camera' error : Auto Insurance

        • Link 1 : Camera Fix Auto Insurance
        • Link 1 : Camera Fix Auto Insurance
        3. SuperSU Flashable zip : Auto Insurance
              If you have any issues with the rom feel free to comment. This rom even work with titanium S5 clones. Do share this post. Enjoy GalaxyS5 UI in your Titanium S5. Hope you have a wonderful experience with this rom. Got some Suggestions? Comment below. Have a good day !Auto Insurance


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