Blogger Comment Form Not Showing On Mobile View? Try This Solution

I've been receiving mails lately from co-bloggers, complaining that their readers are finding it difficult to comment on their blog posts simply because the Blogger comment form won't display on mobile even after clicking the "post a comment" link.

This is mostly experienced on blogs that have switched to Blogger custom mobile template. Although, I don't really know what causes the problem but there is a solution, which I've decided to share with you in this post.

To fix the problem, you only have to add the css below to your Blogger blog's html. If you view your blog posts after saving the changes to your html, you should see the comment form displayed directly below each post even if the post has zero comment.

.mobile .blogger-iframe-colorize {

display: block !important;


.blogger-iframe-colorize {

display: block !important;


How Do I Add the CSS Code To My Blog?

==> Sign in to and click on your blog in the dashboard

==> Back up your template. Very Important!

==> Click "Template" > "Edit HTML"

==> Click inside the HTML

==> Use CTRL F to find ]]></b:skin>

==> Paste the CSS code directly above it as seen in the screenshot below


==> Click "Save Template"

That's all.

Try it and let me know if it works for you or not.


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