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    Free Ebook On How To Get Your Facebook Group's Members Involved

    After creating my personal Facebook group today, Facebook recommended I check out some tips on how to get my group's members involved. The tips were compiled in a pdf file. I downloaded, read through it and I've decided to share it with you too.

    The few simple tips will help you increase likes, comments, and posts from the members of your group. The tips are based on what other admins have found to be successful in their own groups.

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    List of Tips

    1. Tell people why you created the group

    2. Give some examples of things to post

    3. Welcome new people

    4. Let members know they can invite others

    5. Give the group time to get going

    6. Comment on posts by members

    7. Look for interesting things to post

    8. Ask questions

    9. Tag people in posts

    10. Check in at least once a week.

    The tips above are further explained with sample screenshots in the free book. I've uploaded it to the "Files" section of my Facebook group.

    Download, read and share with friends.

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