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PayPal Limitation Removal Using Adsense Account: How I Did It

It's almost 6 months now that PayPal limited access to my account which I verified with GTBank Naira MasterCard and also linked to my Access Bank Visa card. The account was rendered useless because I couldn't use it for online payments.

The account was limited after I entered the wrong password several times and I was told to change my password, change my security question, proof my address and upload a photo ID for me to regain full access to the account.

limited Paypal account

Instantly, I changed my password, changed my security question and those were marked as "resolved" at the resolution centre but I couldn't proof my address.

PayPal rejected the NEPA bill (utility bill) which I uploaded simply because another name (name of the house owner) is on the bill.

I also couldn't resolve the issue with my driver's license because the address on it is different from the address on my PayPal account. I used the address of where I reside presently when I opened the Nigeria PayPal account but my home address is what I have on the driver's license.

The whole thing pissed me off. For months, I abandoned the account and relied on Pay4ME services of my friends for online purchases that require PayPal.

Today, I decided to check the inbox of my PayPal email address for mails related to PayPal limitation removal. Fortunately, I saw an email in which it was stated that I can also send screenshots of online statements which has logo of institution, name, address,valid date of issue and transactions (if bank account).

For some seconds, I thought of an online statement I can use and I decided to try my Google Adsense account. I quickly signed in to my Adsense account and took a screenshot of the most recent Payment receipt. I signed it to my PayPal account and uploaded it at the resolution center.

Adsense payment receipt

Few hours later, I received a mail that my PayPal account access has been restored. Good news..right? :)

Immediately, I started combing the web for Cyber Monday eh. Yes, I just can't wait to grab some fantastic deals.

That's all.

NB: You can access your Adsense Payment receipts via the Payment page, after clicking on the "gear" icon if signed in via PC.

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