Stop Joomla User Registration Spam Bots By Email, Username and Name

UPDATE:  StopRegBots block all emails if you block an email domain ! So, disable it if you notice same.

Last week, I noticed some fake registrations on my Nigeria bulk sms site powered by Joomla 2.5 and deleted them instantly. While checking through the list of users accounts yesterday, I noticed that fresh accounts have been created again with names similar to the ones deleted few days back but with different usernames.

After looking closely at the account details, I noticed that the email addresses used for the fake registrations end with the same "". So, I decided to google how to prevent such annoying user registration bots on Joomla without using captcha. Fortunately, I stumbled on StopRegBots by

StopRegBots is a simple plugin for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x that allows you to target and prevent those annoying bots from registering on your site. This plugin will allow you simply type in the name the bot is using and then block it forever.

block joomla spam bots

You can also prevent certain usernames and email addresses being used on your site. So, you can simply add an offending email domain i.e. "" and all users trying to us a gmail email will be blocked. There is also a setting to stop the same name being registered more than the set amount of times.

You can also set the maximum amount of 'dots' that an email is allowed to have - this prevents those nasty "[email protected]" style bots from registering.  The plugin also allows users to enter an error message to display to the troll after their failed registration.

prevent spam bots joomla

You can download StopRegBots here.  It's free but requires registration to download.

When installed go to the plugin in the Plugin Manager and open the plugin. Enable it and configure it as desired. To confirm that it works, try register on your site with the username, name or email domain that you've blocked. It should show you the error message.

I hope this helps.

If you know other ways I can prevent Joomla user registration spam, kindly share via comments.

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UPDATE:  StopRegBots block all emails if you block an email domain ! So, disable it if you notice same.

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