• How To Format Phone Numbers In Excel

    Earlier today, I decided to send a bulk sms to over 5000 phone numbers at NairaForSMS. The numbers were in an excel file but not in the format supported by the bulk sms site. After copying the numbers from the excel sheet to a notepad, the numbers were displayed in the form of 2.34704E+12 instead of 2347000000000.

    Without using any file conversion software, I was able to format the phone numbers in excel without decimals i.e I was able to make the numbers display as phone numbers.

    If you've got some phone numbers you would like to format in similar way, just follow me through the steps below:

    ==> Select range of cells containing the phone numbers

    ==> Right Click on the selection

    ==> Click format cells option

    ==> Click the "Numbers" tab

    ==> Click "Custom" in the category list

    ==> Click "O" as the type as seen in the screenshot below:

    excel format numbers

    ==> Click OK.

    The numbers in the selected range of cells should now display the phone numbers completely.

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