Schedule Bulk SMS To Deliver On Later Day In Easy Steps

At NairaForSMS, you can schedule bulk sms to deliver on a later day if you don't want it to be delivered instantly. This comes handy atimes when you are not sure you will be online to send a bulk message at the exact time you want it to deliver to the recipients.

For example, you can schedule your new year text messages to be delivered to your loved ones by midnight if you think you might not be chanced to be online by that time of the night, to send the messages. If you schedule the delivery, your messages will be delivered even if you are somewhere having fun.

How To Schedule Bulk SMS Delivery at NairaForSMS

==> Sign in to your NairaForSMS account.

==> Sign Up for your free bulk sms account here if you don't have an account there.

==> Click on 'Compose SMS"

==> Enter your "Sender ID', recipients and message

==> Click on the "More options" button

==> Tick the 'schedule for delivery later' option box. 

==> Some form fields will appear. Click the drop down arrow as seen in the screenshot below and select the year

==> Set the month, day, hour and minute in the other fields.

==> Click 'Send'.

Once successful scheduled, an alert similar to the screenshot below will pop up.

Relax and your message will be delivered at the scheduled time.


==> Ensure you enter your phone number in the recipients so you can personally confirm the delivery.

==> If you want your message to be delivered at 1:20pm, then you set the hours to 13hrs, 20mins.

I hope this helps.

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