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    IPaddress.com: Online IP Address and Location Country Checker

    Today, I've decided to share with you, a website I use to check my IP address, be it on PC, my iPad, my Android phone or on my Blackberry 10 smartphone. The site is simply an IP address checker and IP location checker.

    Apart from showing me what my IP address is, it also displays my IP location country, ISP, operating system, browser information etc whenever I use it. It also detects if am using a proxy or not.

    How To Check Your IP Address and Location

    ==> Just go to www.ipaddress.com on your device.

    ==> Once the page loads, scroll down to see your IP location country, IP address etc 

    Ip address checker and IP location country checker

    NOTE: You must be connected to the internet.

    Do you know other online Ip address and location country checkers? if you do, please share via comments.

    If you need a website you can use to quickly hide your IP, try Ninjacloak.

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