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               Sony a well known mobile brand because of its Popular engine, interface & hadware. I can't change your hadware but provide you with its Bravia engine & Interface. Not just interface but also the awesome music Apps namely Walkman which is one of the best music player. Today, i'm here with Xperia Z1 Custom ROM for Karbonn A30. This ROM also works with A30 clones like Intex Aqua Style, Titan TV etc. A ROM with smooth performance, interface & for Music lovers. Added all the latest Xperia launcher & Apps.

    ROM Features : 

    1. Android 4.1.2 Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    2. Xperia C Lockscreen
    3. Xperia Z1 Small Apps
    4. Xperia Z1 Themes
    5. Xperia Z1 Launcher
    6. Xperia Z1 Movies  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    7. Xperia Z1 Albums
    8. Xperia Z1 Wallpapers
    9. Xperia Z1 Walkman
    10. Xperia Z1 Calculator
    11. Xperia Z1 Clock
    12. Xperia Z1 Calender
    13. Xperia Z1 Email
    14. Xperia Z1 Widgets
    15. Xperia Z1 Sounds
    16. Xperia Z1 Bootanimation  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    17. Xperia Z1 Fonts
    18. Xperia Z1 Framework
    19. Xperia Z1 Keyboard  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    20. Xperia Z1 Sketch App
    21. Xperia Z1 Notes App
    22. Sense Me Feature
    23. Downlaod Music Info
    24. Xperia C SystemUI
    25. Xperia C Settings
    26. Xperia Honami Album Share
    27. Xperia Honami Sound Enhancement
    28. Xperia C Icons
    29. Adjust All Background Color to Album Art on Walkman
    30. Music Control on Notification
    31. Clear Bass  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    32. Clear Stereo  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    33. Clear Phase
    34. Dynamic Normalizer
    35. xLoud  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    36. Surround Sound VPT
    37. Walkman Music Widget
    38. Walkman DLNA
    39. Friend Music FB
    40. FB Music Like
    41. Music Extension for find info on internet
    42. Walkman More Stable
    43. X-Reality Engine for Album & Movies
    44. Photo & Video widget
    45. Faster And Smoother
    46. Pre-Rooted
    47. busybox
    48. Performance Tweaks
    49. Faster Streaming
    50. Net Speed Tweaks
    51. No Delay In Making Call
    52. Battery Tweaks
    53. Proximity Tweaks
    54. More RAM Free  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    55. Added one key clean in Recent Apps.
    56. Signal Tweaks  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    57. Better Responsiveness & Speed
    58. Ziplagined and Deodexed.  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    Bugs :   Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
               After 4hrs of Continous testing my friend Ramesh just said one thing "I'm loving the sound i.e Walkman of this ROM." That's all, this ROM has no bugs. But, if in case you find any bug you can report about it in comment section but please don't use harsh language as it really annoying.  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.

    Screenshots :  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.

    Downloads :  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance. 

    How to Install :
    1. First of all you need a Rooted A30 phone : Root A30.
    2. Install Custom Recovery (CWM) : Install CWM in A30.
    3. Download above zip file & save it in your SDcard.
    4. Goto CWM recovery : Volup+Home+lock buttons.  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
    5. Do a Factory reset. Clear cache, Dalvik cache & format system.
    6. Select Install zip from SDcard & select XperiaZ zip file.
    7. Wait for it to install completely. That's all.  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.
                I hope you have successfully installed XperiaZ rom & its working well. I would love to hear your feedback in comment section. Please like & share this post so that other A30 users can know about this awesome rom. Hope to see you soon. Have a good day !  Get Auto, Mobile Insurance.

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