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    Dealdey Affiliate Login and Sign Up Links

    Dealdey partner program is an affiliate program that lets Nigerians to make money by promoting latest deals on dealdey.com. If you sign up for dealdey affiliate program, you will earn money everytime anyone you refer to dealdey website buys a deal on the site. Your earnings will be paid directly to your bank account once it reaches the minimum payout.

    Once your application to join dealdey affiliate program is approved, you will be able to sign in to your dealdey affiliate account to generate ads as well as track your commissions. When signed in, you will also be able to change your password and update your bank account information. 

    You will also have to sign in for you to make use of the deeplink generator which you can use to generate your unique affiliate link for any deal on deadey.com.

    You can sign up for Dealdey Affiliate program here

    You can log in in to Dealdey Affiliate program via: http://www.dealdey.com/affiliations or here.

    I hope this helps.

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