Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom ROM for Karbonn A26 (MTK6572)

                Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom ROM for Karbonn A26 MTK6572. Samsung's latest Galaxy S5 had a very good sale in Android market because of the improvements in old Samsung Touchwiz launcher & Notification bar. With all the same Interface with theme this ROM is purely Galaxy S5 based. Latest Touchwiz launcher, Icons, Status bar & Kitkat easter egg. Added Galaxy S5's 4G Status bar. Experience the Samsung interface in your Mediatek device Karbonn A26. This ROM is for Karbonn A26 'MTK6572' Only. Don't install this on Karbonn A26 MTK6577 device. Providing best battery life & performance its the Best ROM.  Android Developers  Android Developer.

ROM Features : 
  1. Fully Galaxy S5 Touchwiz Themed
  2. Galaxy S5 Weather Widget  Android Developers
  3. Galaxy S5 Touchwiz Launcher
  4. Galaxy S5 Bootlogo(THE ORIGINAL)
  5. Samsung Bootanimation
  6. Galaxy S5 Styled Settings.apk
  7. Galaxy S5 Dialer  Android Developers
  8. Galaxy S5 Themed SystemUI(Worked a lot on it)
  9. Galaxy S5 Styled Stock Lockscreen
  10. Ported Galaxy Touchwiz Clock.apk(fully working now)
  11. SMemo  Android Developers
  12. Galaxy S5 My Files
  13. Galaxy S5 Icons
  14. Galaxy S5 Themed Music Player(+the Music Widget)
  15. Call recording on stock callscreen(by pressing options button)
  16. Galaxy S5 Battery icon  Android Developers
  17. Android Kitkat 4.4.4 Easter egg
  18. Battery Tweaks
  19. Proximity Tweaks  Android Developers
  20. Frees More RAM
  21. Signal Tweaks Android Developers
  22. Fast Reboot  Android Developers
  23. Better Responsiveness & Speed
  24. No Delay In Making Call
  25. Net Speed Tweaks Auto Insurance
  26. Better Image & Audio Quality Auto Insurance
  27. Faster Streaming Auto Insurance
  28. Loads of Build.prop tweaks Auto Insurancesurance
Bugs : 
              This ROM is bug free except the rotation issue with Karbonn A26 ( I'll fix the rotation bug soon in all ROM). If you find any other bug you can report about that in comment section.

Screenshots : 
Downloads :
How to Install :

  1. First you need to Root your Karbonn A26 : How to Root.
  2. Download recovery.img from here : Recover.img for A26.
  3. Install the recovery file by this method : Install CWM in A26.
  4. Just follow the same Procedure as Shown in this Video : Install ROM in Karbonn A26
Bug fixes : 
               Many Karbonn A26 encountered Auto Rotation of Screen by 180 Degrees in Clockworkmod & in the ROM. Skip this step if you are not facing any such issue. If you are facing same bug do the following steps : 
  1. Install this app : Rotation.
  2. Click on rotate by 180 Degree.
  3. That's all you are done.
              That's all ! I hope you enjoy using this ROM & would also recommend to other Karbonn A26 user by sharing your thoughts & feedback regarding this ROM in comment section. Don't forget to +1 & Share this post with your friends. Hope to see you again, Keep visiting !

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