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    How To Change Domain Nameservers at DomainKing

    If you've registered a domain name at DomainKing and would love to connect it to a web hosting account you have elsewhere, then you will have to change the domain name servers at domainking to the ones provided by your web host.

    Follow me through the steps below to get it done:

    ==> Sign in to your account at DomainKing website

    ==> Click on "My Domains"

    ==> Click the small arrow next to the domain name you want to edit it's nameservers.

    ==> Scroll down to the Nameservers section as seen in the screenshot below:

    ==> Select "Use Custom nameservers"

    ==> Delete the Namesevers and replace with the ones provided by your web hosting company.

    ==> Click "Save Changes"

    That's all.

    You can expect a propagation time up to 24 hours. This is because it takes time for the DNS to take effect across the internet. So, be calm.

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