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Earlier, I published a post on what Skitch app is, the features and the Skitch download link. In this post, I've decided to share with you, how to use Skitch tools on Windows PC.

Once you understand how to use it, you will be able to put it into use in different ways. You can use it to edit and annotate images you use in your blog posts. You can use it for images in your ebook. I even read how Jamie used it in the process of digitizing his house.

Once you launch Skitch for Windows, it opens directly into the Skitch Editor. From here you can capture a new image  using "Screen Snap" or annotate an image.

The Skitch toolbar features annotation tools you can use to add new annotations to your Skitch Note.

Annotating your image is easy. Just click any of the annotation tools on the toolbar, select a color and start annotating. I will explain briefly, how to use some of the Skitch tools.

skitch toolbar

The Arrow tool lets you easily point out an exact spot or item as seen in the screenshot above. To use this tool, click the arrow icon. Then, Click and drag to the spot on the image you want the arrow to point.

The Draw tool allows you to freehand draw with digital ink, while the Highlight tool allows you to add a transparent color overlay. To use this tool, click the Draw and Highlighter icon to show the available tools.

skitch highlight tool

Click the Draw icon to freehand draw on the image, or the Highlighter icon to highlight anything with a transparent ink. With either tool, click and drag the cursor over the image to draw with digital ink.

The Pixelate tool is perfect for blurring portions of images that need to be kept anonymous, such as faces or other personally identifiable information. To use this tool, click the Pixelate icon. A cross-hair will be displayed. Click and drag the cross-hair over the area you want to pixelate.

To resize an image using the Crop & Resize tool, click the Crop & Resize icon. The Crop & Resize screen will be displayed. Select Resize Mode from the drop-down in the lower-left corner of the screen. Use the Resize slider at the bottom-center of the screen to change the size of the entire image. Then click the Apply button.

The Stamp tool lets you quickly add simple sentiments like, "Yes," "No," or "Approved" to an image with images and a bit of text.

I hope this helps.

You can download Skitch here

Do you use Skitch?

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