• Photos of HD Mini Projector Purchased From DealDey

    Earlier this year, I stumbled on the HD Mini Projector deal on dealdey. The price was so crazy that I just couldn't think twice before clicking the order button.

    The Projector was delivered to my doorstep in Benue state and below are the photos:

    HD Mini Projector photo

    The HD Mini Projector has ports for VGA, AV, SD Card Reader, USB, HDMI input and comes with built-in speaker.  It is small and light, making it very easy to carry.

    I've not really put it into extensive use as at the time of publishing this but to be honest, it's not of top quality. Kind of a chinko stuff but NOT disappointed considering the price I bought it i.e I was not expecting it to be of top quality.

    Nevertheless, one can manage it for small classrooms, small office conference rooms, mobile business presentations and home entertainment.

    I've ordered for a projector screen from DealDEY. Once I receive it, I will start using this Projector. Hence expect a review of the HD Mini Projector soon.

    If you own and have used this projector, feel free to share your experience.


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