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    Practical Training On ShortCode Business, CallerTune Set Up, SMS Betting and More

    Now that the Presidential and Gubernatorial elections in Nigeria are over, it's time to make more money :)

    So, I'm using this opportunity to invite you to a 2015 smart mobile marketing bootcamp : a 1-day practical training which will set you on the Mobile Marketing Fastlane to Profit.

    2014 Smart Mobile Marketing Bootcamp

    In this live training of 20 people, you will discover how to make a minimum of N350,000 monthly offering the following mobile marketing services: Shortcode, caller tunes, shortcode, smart numbers, mobile website and lot more!

    The "Top-Most Uncovered" secrets of the Mobile Marketing Industry of all times will be revealed to you.

    The secrets include among others

        ==> How to set up a free premium caller tune at a zero cost

        ==> How to set up a premium shortcode for N10,000 or less

        ==> How to set up a Shortcode SMS Betting system...and Many More!

    The Goal is not to give you a fish RATHER to teach You How To Fish so that you can help yourself forever.

    "Can You Picture Yourself A Millionaire Mobile Marketer Operating From Home On a Part-Time Basis?"

    If Yes, ensure you are part of this training.

    How To Register for 2015 Smart Mobile Marketing Bootcamp

    Register for the practical training by filling the form at : www.smartmobilemarketingbootcamp.com

    There are only 20 seats for this training. So ensure you have a seat reserved for yourself.

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