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3 Beauty Challenges Versus 3 Beauty solutions from Eveline Cosmetics

Looking beautiful and feeling beautiful 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can be challenging for most people. The following 3 beauty challenges are cream of the crop any day:

Challenge 1: Belly Fat: OK, so you’ve done everything to get those beautiful curves. You’ve hit the gym, you’ve done all types of diet restrictions but still that unsightly belly bulge persists?

Of all the fat storage points in the body, belly fat is truly difficult to eliminate. Not only does it make it tough for you to achieve a great figure, it also poses serious health risks.

So what can one do?


The SLIM EXTREME 4D INTENSE SERUM REDUCING FATTY TISSUE was formulated with one thing in focus and that is BELLY FAT.

Fat accumulated in fatty cells located around the abdomen has a tendency of holding on to fat as much as possible. SLIM EXTREME 4D INTENSE SERUM REDCING FATTY TISSUE contains the plant stem cell PHYTOCELLTEC which helps to naturally stimulate weak and sleeping abdominal muscle stem cells necessary for eliminating belly fat. This process is extremely important in ensuring belly fat loss.

It also contains the advanced Lipocell-Slim complex which provides intense slimming and silhouette shaping action.

Simply massage twice daily in circular motion into the lower abdomen.Visible results of abdominal size reduction can be seen within two to three weeks of regular daily use. Click here to get yours.

Add this to a proper exercise regimen targeted at belly fat loss for impressive results.



·         Exercises are beneficial if done right. Focus on mild but regular cardio exercises targeted at the abdominal muscles. They would help you achieve better belly fat loss results than intense exercises.
·         Your exercise regimen should last longer than 12 minutes at a time if you intend to burn belly fat. Anything less won’t get you anywhere.
·         Avoid sugars and sugary drinks.

To know more about SLIM EXTREME 3D and 4D range of body modelling and shaping products click here.

Be it fair, chocolate, dark or super dark skin complexion, one thing is for sure, we all want even skin tone from head to toe.

Supermodel and business woman extraordinaire, Tyra Banks recently posted an unedited photo showing off her “RAW” early morning skin. This shows a classic example of UNEVEN SKIN TONE which most people also have regardless of their skin tone.

Uneven skin tone is the result of over production (or under production in some cases) of the hormone called Melanin. Melanin is what gives the skin and hair its dark color. It also helps protect the skin against damaging UV light from the sun.

Over production of Melanin which leads to uneven and mottled skin tone is majorly caused by excessive exposure to intense sunlight over a period of time. It is also caused by skin aging, elevated levels of certain hormones in women during pregnancy, use of contraceptives, and in some cases reactions to some cosmetic products or medication.

So what can be done?


Irrespective of what skin complexion you have, you need sun screen protection for repeated exposure to intense sunlight. This is your first and major line of defence against uneven skin tone.

The SUN CARE EXPERT FACE PROTECTION CREAM and the SUN CARE WATER RESISTANT BODY SUN MILKis formulated to provide sun protecting factor (SPF) of 30 and 50. This gives high sun protection necessary for theAfrican tropical sunlight as you really can’t afford to go lower than a sun protecting factor of 30 during intense sunlight.

The SUN CARE EXPERT FACE PROTECTION CREAM and the SUN CARE WATER RESISTANT BODY SUN MILK provides protection from UVA/UVB light rays from the sun and also prevents photo-ageing of the skin.

Simply apply before you go out in the sunlight. Repeat application every 3 to 4 hours while under intense sunlight.

Click here to get your hands on the SUNCARE EXPERT PROTECTION CREAM, SUNCARE WATER RESISTANT BODY SUN MILK and other SUN protection products from EVELINE COSMETICS.

Skin cell exfoliation is the next step in combating uneven skin tone. It does so by removing layers of dead skin so that new healthier cells can take their place. Many inconsistencies in skin tone can often be a result of accumulated dead skin cells not shed yet. Exfoliation hastens that process so as to brighten up the skin and open up the pores.

Exfoliate at least once weekly with the WHITE PRESTIGE 4D FACIAL SCRUB for superb results. Not only does it remove dead skin cells on the skin it also brightens dark spots and scars left by skin inflammation and acne.

Click here to see product
The next step in eliminating uneven skin tone after proper exfoliation is to moisturize the skin. Skin moisturizers that offer skin brightening action help even out hyper pigmented and uneven skin tone. 

The EXTRA SOFT WHITENING FACE & BODY CREAM (clickhere) offers superb 24 hours skin moisturizing action, reduces hyperpigmentation and re-balances skin complexion. Formulated with CUCUMBER FRUIT EXTRACTS (cucumissativus) which provides the richness of vitamin C and organic acids, serves as the skin brightening agent necessary to even out excessive skin pigmentation.

It also contains anti-oxidants such as vitamin A and E that replace hyper pigmented cells with newer, brighter skin cells so that the skin recovers on time from uneven skin tone. Its Avocado oil content along with Allantoin and D-Panthenol helps soothe irritated and inflamed skin making it suitable for sensitive skin. The EXTRA SOFT WHITENING FACE & BODY CREAM comes complete with UVA/UVB protection.

Simply apply onto cleansed face and body morning and night.

Problematic skin with much more intense hyper pigmentation, spots and blemishes will benefit from the WHITE PRESTIGE 4DWITH LUMISKIN product range of face and body products, formulated to intensely moisturize and reverse hyper pigmentation seen on skin from head to toe.  Acting in 4 dimensions, problematic skin with uneven skin tone and unsightly blemishes here and there literally stops looking problematic and glows naturally after 4 weeks of daily treatment.(Click here)

The WHITE PRESTIGE 4D WITH LUMISKIN range of skincare products takes care of deep blemishes wherever they might occur be it on the skin of the body, face, under eye, hands and knuckles. Also includes an amazing makeup remover.

Apply WHITE PRESTIGE 4D WITH LUMISKIN product specific to body area liberally onto cleansed skin morning and night every day.

Click here to learn more about the WHITE PRESTIGE 4D WITH LUMISKIN range of products, EXTRASOFT WHITENING FACE & BODY CREAM and other products for hyper pigmentation from EVELINE COSMETICS.

Lifestyle tips
·        Avoid over exposure to intense sunlight. The body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D and stay healthy, but prolonged exposure to intense sunlight is bad for the skin.
·         Drinks lots of water. Water helps in evening out skin tone and reducing skin damage due to intense sunlight.
·         Take lots of fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamin A, C and E along with other anti-oxidants superb for healthy, glowing skin.
·         Avoid cosmetic products that contain obnoxious lightening agents like hydroquinone and steroids. They cause hyperpigmentation and skin damage after prolong use.

Acne, a skin condition characterized by spots and blackheads is a common skin challenge for a lot of people. Excessive face oils, which in itself causes clogged pores and breakouts is another notorious challenge for facial skin.

Apart from hormones playing a part in the formation of acne (especially in young people), other factors implicated in the breakout of Acne and visible presentation of Excessive face oils include:
·         Poor diet
·         Hot and humid weather
·         Contraceptives (in women)
·         Some obnoxious cosmetic products

Excessive face oils make it difficult to wear make up for long periods and also makes your skin prone to breakouts and spots. Acne causes skin scaring and unsightly blackheads which can be difficult to remove.

What can you do?

The PURE CONTROL SKIN PROGRAM is dedicated to eliminating acne, reducing attendant skin irritation and mattifying the excessively oil laden facial skin, leaving it with fresh and matte looking skin texture.
The PURE CONTROL SKIN CARE PROGRAM runs in three steps using the PURE CONTROL SOS range of products specially formulated for acne and excessively oily facial skin. These products, formulated with specialised ingredients such as Zinc and salicylic acid blended harmoniously with skin healing and mattifyingherbs such as cucumber and hamamelis extract, fights spots and blemish, regulates secretion of facial oils and soothes skin irritations.

The three steps in the PURE CONTROL SKIN CARE PROGRAM are:

STEP 1: Cleanse the face and neck with the PURE CONTROL SOS FACE WASH GEL DEEPLY CLEANSING (Click here to see product). Do this morning and night.

If you have very irritable skin start your step 1 with the PURE CONTROL SOS FACE WASH GEL CLEANSING AND REFRESHING (Click here to see product).

If you have very severe case of blackheads, spots and acne blemish start your step 1 with the PURE CONTROL WASHING GEL + PEELING + MASK 3 in 1 (Click here to see product).

STEP 2:Follow up on step 1 with the PURE CONTROL DEEPLY CLEANSING TONIC (Click here to see product).

If you have very irritable skin follow up on step 1 with the PURE CONTROL SOS SOOTHING AND CALMING TONIC. (Click here to see product).

Apply Tonic morning and night.

STEP 3: Finish up with the PURE CONTROL SOS SPECIALISED MOISTURIZING CREAM (Click here to see product).

Apply morning and night as the final step in the 3 step program.

Also keep handy the PURE CONTROL ULTRA EFFECTIVE ROLL ON AGAINST SPOTS AND BLEMISHES so as to quickly nip in the bud any new spot, blackhead or blemish (Click here to see product).

Lifestyle Tips

·         Never pinch or scrape your pimples and black heads, bad Idea! Trauma to your skin can worsen that acne
·         When using make up during an episode of acne, wear light make up. Heavy make-up block your pores and further worsens then acne
·         Use oil free foundations.
·         Drink lots of water. 1.5 litres daily would do a tonne of good for your skin.


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