A Deputy Police PRO in Lagos shares interesting point of view from his side

You know how some people tend to look down at the police forgetting they are human beings sometimes? Well this PRO named Aliyu Giwa had something to say about it today which he shared on social media. His thoughts below....
'Well my people, I guess u have me figured out, with so much to write about. I dont know the category y'all might have placed me, but nevertheless I seem to fit neatly into any category u place me in. I'm stereotyped, characterized, standardized, classified, grouped, & always typical. I'm that "olopa that like showing himself". From birth u teach ur children that I am the Ojuju (monster), and then you're shocked when they identify me with my traditional enemy. U may take an hour for lunch, & have several coffee breaks each day, but point me out as an hungry irritating police officer if you see me having just one cup.
U pride yourself on ur polished manners, but think nothing of interrupting my meals at noon with ur troubles. U raise hell about the guy who cuts you off in traffic (some peeps Will say *see that useless driver), but let me catch you doing the same thing & I'm picking on u. You know all the traffic laws, but if you are caught "na beg go end am or better still settlement" no body want to go to court! (na just because of traffic! Na wa oh) some will say!. U shout *fowl* if you observe me driving fast enroute to an emergency call, but literally raise hell if I take more than ten seconds responding to your call!!! U call it "part of the job" if someone strikes me, but it's "police brutality" if I strike back.
U wouldn't think of telling ur dentist how to pull a badly decayed tooth, but u are always there to give me a few pointers on law enforcement (over sabi things).U talk to me in a manner & use languages that would assure a bloody nose from anyone else, but u expect me to stand & take it without batting an eye.U cry, "Something has to be done about all the crime!" but u can't be bothered with getting involved, the next thing u hear is *it's not my job*.U've got no use for me at all, but of course,it's ok if I take a bullet for u! or work many hours over-time to keep serving u. So My people,u stand there on ur soapbox & rant & rave about the way I do my job, calling me every name in the book, but never stop a minute to think that ur property,ur family,or maybe ur life might depend on one thing,ME, or one of my COLLEAGUE. #policeisyourfriend #NPF #police'

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