Abducted 8-month-old girl found safe

An 8-month-old baby Genesis Hailey was asleep in her mother's car in north Houston, Texas when a man stole it early Monday morning. And as the hours passed, nobody knew if little Genesis Hailey would be found alive.

It all started, first at a Texaco. Then, 3 hrs later, the stolen car was found up the road, but no baby was in the car.

About three hours later,  she was eventually found by a jogger who just happened to turn down that stretch of road. Genesis was finally found, still strapped in her car seat.
Hong Nguyen is the jogger who found Genesis, thirsty and covered in ant bites.

"I saw the baby moving in the car seat, so I called 911," she said. "I stayed with the baby."

The baby had been alone for nearly 6 hours.

Clerk Marcela Thomas gave police surveillance video from the Texaco on Ella Boulevard and Beltway 8. It showed a man stealing the car with the baby inside at around 1am.

"She was going to buy something," said Thomas. "She came running back. "
Police say Genesis' mother couldn't stop the man. He hit the gas pump railing and sped off.

Police found the car at a nearby apartment complex without its license plates, the baby's stroller was on the ground and there was a blanket.

But No baby.

The officer who checked on the baby says the jogger took a different route Monday morning and founf the baby, if the jogger hadn't gone that route, may not have been found or they mady not have found her alive.
Sketch of the car thief and abductor
Police say there are still big questions about who stole the car and who kidnapped Genesis. Police described the suspect as a black male, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, in his late teens to early 20s.

ABC News

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